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Love or sense of security

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I got married under pressure from my parents and now am divorced. I am in love with a boy younger than me and he is less financially stable. I was about to get married but I called off as I feared his finances will not sustain our marriage. My parents are glad that I called it off. Yet I am of 2 minds. What do I do? Please others or trust my decision in marrying him? ~Namrata, India

ANSWER: Your current situation presents three distinct issues to you. First is your need to please others. This comes from relying on your elders as you grew up. People are always wanting others to listen to them and do what they say. It is time to realize that others have no idea what is the best thing for you because they are not living your life. Take responsibility for your own decisions and ignore what anyone else has to say.

Your second problem is not allowing yourself to accept your inner feelings. What comes from inside you is the real you. All those thoughts that you argue about in your head are repeating what has been told to you by others and may not resonate with your energy. Feelings are yours alone; following them permits you to love yourself and what you are doing.

Thirdly, you have convinced yourself that financial security is more important than love. This is a societal belief and has no factual basis. Haven’t you ever seen those who have all the money they could possibly use and yet are unhappy because they have no friends and do nothing but seek after money?

Security itself is an illusion. Having all you want does not ensure that you will be able to maintain that state forever. Financial markets fail, nature destroys your property, loved ones pass over without leaving many assets, and what you thought was giving you security ceases to exist.

As a loving, knowing, magnificent soul, you have all the knowledge to decide what you need in this life to have the experiences you chose. Be concerned only with the moment. The past is gone and the future hasn’t come yet. If you spend too much time worrying about, or planning, your future, you will miss living the present.

The physical age of a body does not give you an indication of the age and experience of the soul. Let your feelings tell you what you share with a potential partner.

Complementary companion

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, this week I turn 72 years on earth. I have a good life and many friends. Except for 2 brief marriages and other short term relationships, I have walked my path without a partner. I long for a partner who complements me, but meeting the right person seems to elude me. Is it possible that this is what I came here to experience – being alone – or will I yet meet and have a wonderful relationship? ~Mary, US

ANSWER:  We need to define relationship in order to answer your question. Any time you have an interchange with another being you are in a relationship, whether that presence is human, animal, or energetic. You are a very developed soul who has had hundreds of lifetimes in which you were restricted in the exchanges you had with others because you planned for long-term, committed relationships.

This life you decided to experiment with all the different types of relationships that humans could have. With each partnership you have had, whether in marriage, business, or friendship, you have learned how to read, understand, and share with those others for your mutual learning experience.

The relationships have been to facilitate life lessons. Take, for instance, your marriages: you needed to understand how strong you were and how not to be controlled by another. Every situation you have drawn to yourself has increased your wisdom. Your friends have been beacons lighting additional lessons by observation. You have experienced most of the possibilities.

You have had many wonderful relationships – some joyous, others painful, and others merely informative. What you think you need is one with a companion who adores you and constantly tells you how wonderful you are and that he/she can’t live without you. If you truly want that, start creating the energy to manifest such a meeting, but don’t be disappointed when it turns boring. You are an explorer.

You are never completely alone because your soul is connected to the universe. You can go inside and feel that shared unconditional love at any time.

Dimensional relationships

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, my boyfriend had been suffering from depression since he had come out from prison. He was still on probation so he was still under control. When he was out, his mother was very controlling, and authoritative towards him. She didn’t like me at all because she felt threatened by me, that I would take away her control over him. After a few months, of being released, he committed suicide. I know he truly loved me but he just felt he could not escape the control, and wanted complete freedom from it all. I want to know why he was given such a hard life that he felt suicide was the only way out? I still love him and want to communicate with him in the spirit world. Would we be able to continue our relationship even when we’re in different realms? I’m still madly in love with him. ~Jyoti, United Kingdom

ANSWER:  Your boyfriend chose very difficult lessons for this lifetime. The important concept here is that he was the one who chose these lessons before he came to Earth. He wanted to experience being controlled in many different ways – through the legal system, his mother, and even his love for you. His means of setting up most of these encounters was through the use of rebellion against the rules of others.

He chose his mother because she was controlling of all his actions from the beginning. His trouble with the authorities arose as he tried to “show” her that he could do whatever he wanted even if she didn’t like it. The law then showed him there were penalties for not doing what society wanted. After his release from prison, when he had thought he would be free, he found himself under the control of his mother again, and the parole authorities, and decided he had learned enough.

He never intended to spend a long life under the thumb of another. His suicide was so he could go Home and evaluate what he had learned and set up for his next desired experiences.

You agreed to be in his life to be where you are right now. The lessons from this are what it feels like to be abandoned, to explore the guilt you feel for not doing more or being able to prevent his departure, and finding the strength within you to move on and live your own life.

You can communicate with him from the Other Side but cannot establish a physical relationship. He is currently going through the debriefing process in which he examines all the things that happened and figures out what he learned and what he would do differently. He will be engaged in numerous projects when he finishes.

Souls do not sit around and pine for those left behind – and those left behind should remember what they had but move on to connect with others who are still physical.