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Parenting responsibilities

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I have a question about parenting. I fear I have lost my energy about it, am doubting what I do and what and how I can or cannot control. The situation with my ex-husband makes it more difficult, we cannot cooperate well for their sake. I fear I am closing up myself to them despite all efforts I take, and despite I feel my life took a better turn and I open myself more and more to the bigger picture I learn about. How could I let go of wanting to be the best and not take on the immense responsibility for all? ~Lorena, Hungary

ANSWER: There is more than one way to look at “parenting.” There is society’s way, where the parents are responsible for everything that the child does and believes. There is the spiritual way, where it is known that each soul is responsible for its own life and learning. And there is the child’s perspective, either wanting the parent to do everything for them or to leave them completely alone to find their own way.

There is no right or wrong answer to this dilemma. Whom do you want to please: society, the child, or yourself? As with all souls, a child will not do anything that they do not choose to do. So, no matter how hard you work, if they don’t want your interaction it is wasted.

On the other hand, if you do everything for the child, you are preventing them from learning the lessons they came to experience, because one works their way to understanding by using their freedom to choose negative or positive actions. Every soul chooses their environment, so your children are always part of the selection process of the type of family they will enter. In this case it was inevitable that the family would be split, with different parenting skills being provided by each parent and the child having to decide through their freedom of choice.

A soul comes to Earth to experience a lot of different things. The primary purpose is to find out who they are as a soul and what elements of living they wished to encounter. Your opening is to the possibilities of a soul having a human experience, and all that implies.

One aspect of spiritual growth is removing yourself from societal ego judgment. Determining what is “best” is a judgment and simply a comparison of your actions versus the activity of another. Go into your heart and see what feels like the assistance you can provide without judging it against other people. You are never responsible for the decisions made by another – even your child.

Hiding from fear and pain

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, in the period of self-discovery, after spending so much time knowing only the surface of things, after taking proportion of the wonders of the universes I also became aware of the sadness that plagues the planet Earth. Seeing so many suffering lives I do not know how to ignore the pain of the world, outside the pain of many people close to them. Their pain become my pains, masters what can I do to take courage and be strong to fight bravely in the name of love without to infect me with fear and pain? ~Gab, Brazil

ANSWER: Whatever you accept as the reality of your world is up to you. It is a fact that your planet is a duality of 50% negativity and 50% positivity. In any area, you will not experience one energy without the other. Where you choose to position yourself in this dynamic is up to you. The feelings and emotions that join your awareness are determined by your choices. What do you accept as being necessary for you to experience?

Just as it is possible to equate sadness and despair with weather when it always seems to be raining, the choice could also be happiness and hope that the rain will provide growth for more food and beautiful flowers. When you observe a person hobbling on a broken leg you can take on their pain and fear for the future, or you can understand that the situation allows them to slow down and see what is going on around them. They are also providing others the ability to serve them to make them better, permitting the assistants to fulfill their personal needs.

The negativity, fear, pain, and depression are not going to disappear. Spiritual growth deals with choosing to remove oneself from negative ego judgment and exist in positive, unconditional love. If you cannot hold the negative emotions and energy away from yourself, you are not in control of your spiritual growth.

Being empathetic with the difficulties of others is not necessary to grow in spiritual awareness. It is a hindrance. These opportunities allow you to witness the struggles of fellow souls having a human experience and to provide love for them on their journeys. You do not have to interact with their energy; just send them the intention to succeed in their tasks.

Shared past lives

Tuesday, October 30th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I had a past life regression hypnosis recently, and I had the rare experience of living as a famous queen. This queen completely describes who I am as a person and why I am who I am. Everything I experienced adds up and makes sense. However, I am not the only person who has claimed to be her in a past life. How can this be? ~Macey, United States

ANSWER: Johnny Depp is the only actor who has portrayed Captain Jack Sparrow on the golden screen in five movies over fifteen years. He will be there no longer. Twelve separate actors have been James Bond in the twenty-six James Bond films, and there may be another in the near future.

The person playing the role does not change the personality and actions of the character being presented. Hundreds of presentations using the depictions of Captain Jack Sparrow and James Bond have employed hundreds of actors, but the audiences’ observations were the same.

A soul seeks out circumstances that will allow it to experience situations it needs in order to have the lessons chosen. If a soul witnesses an event that has all the elements it desires to have being carried out by another soul, it can choose to enter that role and play out part, or all, of the lifetime it desires to live, even though it was done by another.

That is one way two souls can share one lifetime – but it really isn’t one lifetime since they are doing it separately and not at the same time. Another way to get the information of the lifetime is to energetically run through the life without entering into a body. It would be done in a dreamlike state where the soul is projected energetically, but not physically, into the body of the original portrayer.