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Are there language barriers with the Masters?

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, regarding your book Talking with Leaders of the Past, one leader, Adolf Hitler, did not speak English while on Earth. How was the language barrier overcome in the interview with Toni Ann Winninger?   ~Kevin, Malaysia

ANSWER: We are pleased that our books are creating spiritual questions as we had intended. First, you must look at the whole situation from the perspective of a soul and not from the limitations of a human. Souls, in their purest form, are nothing but energy, an amorphous cloud-like mass. They do not have languages, speech capabilities, or even a means to create sound. They communicate with vibrational energy sent from themselves to a receiver.

If the receiver is a human body, it may only translate the vibrations with capabilities within its own storehouse. The soul of Adolf Hitler did not use any particular language, as you understand them, to send the vibrational thoughts to Toni. The vibrations could be interpreted by Toni only within her range of knowledge. She is not fluent in German so the vibrations translated into English, which is her native tongue.

It is possible on some occasions for a non-physical to speak to a physical medium in a language with which the medium is not familiar. This can occur only if the non-physical energy comes down into the density of the Earth so that it is putting its human language into the mind or ears of the medium. Toni does not choose to use those means of contacting souls, but rather works almost exclusively with vibrational communications.

Pact with the devil

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I have a huge question. My great-grandmother was a medium and I have received many spiritual qualities myself. In my spiritual beginnings I made many mistakes such as devil worship and making pacts with him. It was not for evil purposes. My intensions stemmed from a belief that I could be more spiritual and help people in any matter of life with the information I got from him. Part of the pact with the devil included doing blasphemous acts such as breaking statues of Jesus, crosses, saints, and virgins and then dedicating an altar to him. A few weeks after I had done this, I felt an inner calling from God to destroy this altar. Now I still want to help people but just don’t feel the same about continuing the spiritual path. Can you help me straighten out my feelings so I can move forward?   ~Jovan, US

ANSWER: A big difficulty that you find yourself handicapped by is your belief system. The term spirituality means many things to many people. To some (and this is the way we use the term) it means learning as much as is possible in human form about their true essence as a soul, and has nothing to do with organized religions, paranormal talents, or other people’s beliefs. It does not include any series of abilities, behaviors, or beliefs. It is a sense of being truly honest with yourself, basing your decisions on the feelings that come from deep inside yourself.

To others, spirituality implies an ability to deal with non-physical things. Within certain areas it means following the practices of the mystical leaders. One of the important characteristics is secrecy and the ability to control others. A person who is able to pick up energy signatures of any kind-auras, voices, Earth-bound spirits-is considered by some to be spiritual.

You need to first define just what you believe-not what you have been told, but what you feel. You have a sense that reward and punishment, right and wrong, exist on Earth. That voice that came to you, which you felt was God, was your inner consciousness, or soul, advising you to start making your own decisions and not hold to the superstitions around you. Listening to your inner voice will give you a sense of yourself. It will further help you get out of judging everything and into an ability to evaluate the benefit for you in everything you do and think.

You have a very specific definition in your belief system mind concerning the nature and abilities of what you call the devil. These were placed there by your family and society. You have never examined them to see if the ideas feel the same to you as they seem to feel to other people. Your inner self spoke out to tell you that this activity you engaged in was fruitless. You took back your power from the beliefs in your head when you destroyed the altar.

Connection between karma and species

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I have two related questions: 1. Buddhism believes in reincarnation. It is possible for us to be animals in previous lives? 2. In terms of karma, is it true that a deed done with evil intention will eventually reap a negative consequence in the same lifetime? Will the negative karma be passed on to a future lifetime? Maybe if we have done much evil in this lifetime, we may be born into a poor family or be born as a disabled person, or perhaps be reincarnated as an animal the next time round?        ~Marilyn, Singapore

ANSWER: Our main message, which we are teaching through Masters of the Spirit World, is that of reincarnation. It is possible for a soul to choose to spend a life as an animal. (Our channel has chosen to experience lives as a dolphin, a black panther, and an eagle.) It is not a very common occurrence to go inter-species, but some souls wish to have the abilities that only come with an animal existence. The decision is completely made with freedom of choice, and has nothing to do with behavior in a prior lifetime.

Karma, as we use the word, does not mean retribution or punishment. Karma is the energy that radiates out from the event experienced by an individual. It is recorded in that soul’s akashic (celestial) record for future reference, but it does not predetermine future lives unless the soul itself makes the specific decision to make that energy a part of another life. This decision can be either conscious or unconscious.

A conscious decision to have the energy from one life affect another may come, for example, if the soul has experienced causing someone to become a cripple and has watched the problems the person had. The soul might then choose to see how it would fare under the same circumstances and would plan this into its next life.

An unconscious decision could occur when a soul has previously decided upon a particular life-lesson and then has not completed it during that life. It will then have the energy of that incomplete action still firing in its aura or energy field. This may cause a more difficult example of the same lesson to pop up in a subsequent life because it had not finished what it desired to accomplish.

Even with the unconscious uncompleted activity in the background, the soul may choose to skip a lifetime before tackling it again. Freedom of choice, not karma or prior intentions, determines your next life.