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The soul and chakras

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters it is fairly accepted that the soul exits through the crown chakra, and I believe does so by the quantum physics principle of Pair Annihilation. Positron(s) and electron(s) collide and a Photon(s) is(are) created. Hence our true state is pure photon energy again and we boogie back to our spirit state and level we came from. I’m pretty sure we enter the human by the reverse process of ‘pair addition’. We initially settle in the Pineal Gland. BUT when we enter the human somewhere between 4th month and 8th month I doubt chakras exist yet. Do we enter initially thru the Crown? Chakras are an energy network (as is our soul) aligned along the spine and also controls our external energy field and human aura. So big question!! Does our soul create and assist the chakra energy field which then of course communicates with The ALL (Source)? ~Sam, USA

ANSWER: You are stuck in a need to explain the unexplainable. It is impossible to describe the spiritual realm using only the concepts of the physical phenomena demonstrated within the duality of planet Earth. It is said within the scientific community that it is possible to substantiate whatever ideas you have from somewhere within the vast network of workable theories. But those theories rely on physical factors, not nonphysical, unreproducible exercises.

The soul, which you have doing various steps in your theory, is not a self-contained entity. The soul is amorphous energy that wills itself to be wherever it chooses to be. It can be in front of you one minute, disappear, and be in Siberia the next. Or it can split itself into particles and be present in multiple locations simultaneously. It is sentient with an unending intellectual aspect, which the photons and electrons you speak of are not.

Every soul has total freedom of choice, so when and how they choose to animate their chosen body is up to them. Some souls enter the body shortly after conception and some just immediately prior to coming through the birth canal. They slide into, or merely appear within, the organs of the body that need to function in order for the body to be viable.

Chakras are an expansion of the soul’s energy reaching out to the nonphysical world to maintain contact. The kundalini is aligned alongside the spine; the chakras are positioned in places to aid various bodily systems such as heart, throat, solar plexus, etc.

Another energy field around a body, where a soul is in residence, is the Merkaba or light body. It consists of two counter-rotating tetrahedrons. These are controlled via intention during meditation and, when fully activated, can be used as a vehicle to travel between dimensions. Some people use them as a means of ascension.

What you believe is what creates your reality. You have total freedom of choice – so go with what beliefs resonate with you the most at any one time, and don’t be afraid to change them when they no longer serve you.

The process of socialization

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I have always been quiet and have struggled to socialize with peers. Lately I have strongly felt that the world can be a tough place, I find human nature to be perplexing and I believe this is why I struggle to connect with others. I feel as though I am on a different level from everyone which is causing me to feel down. I am fearful that my quietness is causing me to suffer at this time in my life. Will I eventually blossom and leave my silence behind to live a fulfilled life? ~Anna, Ireland

ANSWER: When you think of associating with another individual, you analyze all the possible implications and reactions you think they might have. You have a need for control, or at least knowing everything that is about to occur. This keeps you so involved in your theoretical mind that the opportunity to interact with the other person passes before the union is realized. Your “quietness,” as you call it, is a hesitation to take yourself out into the world.

People are perplexing to you because you see them doing things other than you imagined they should want to do. Again, you are overanalyzing and attributing traits to others based on your own beliefs. Lighten up. The difference you perceive between you and others has to do with the restrictions you place on yourself.

Start slowly in approaching others. Find a comfortable location – a social group, library, bookstore, coffee shop – and exchange friendly greetings at first. Continue to frequent the location until you have exchanged pleasantries with several people multiple times.

Next, start a conversation; if you have noticed they engage in a particular thing, talk about that. Don’t judge them; don’t rate or grade them in comparison to your beliefs, either. After a while it will begin to feel comfortable, non-threatening, as if you have known them for a long time.

Each person creates their own reality. It does not just “come” to you; you have to work at it. All the buds are present; let them start opening.

No resonance with spiritual priciples

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters this is a very important question that came to mind. How can you say there is no good or bad? How about karma? I believe in it. All my life is based on doing good deeds that the world would be ”better place”. So, is it useless? Why do I feel happiness and love, if they don’t matter after all? I would like to have a good life with a positive result in the end, and I feel the world needs more laughter and joy. But why should I actually bother? Why shouldn’t I start to live in a selfish way and take benefits only for myself? It doesn’t resonate with me at all that there is no good or bad. ~Reetta, Finland

ANSWER: We said that there is no good or bad in a spiritual sense, which is the world of your nonphysical energetic essence. On planet Earth, which was created as a duality of negative and positive, there is very definitely a good and bad.

Karma is a concept derived from religious practices that dictates the punishment that will arise from a person’s actions if not in compliance with the religions tenets. Everyone creates their own realities, and within yours, the Karma concept has a presence. That does not mean that it is universally accepted or a standalone belief.

Every soul is on their own unique journey. They are not dependent for spiritual growth and understanding on any other person. They have no responsibility to try to assist anyone else. No one can make another do anything they do not choose to do, so it is impossible to make the world a better place unless the rest of the world cooperates.

A great deal of the love you feel is self-love because you believe in what you are doing and accept that it is by your choice and not mandated by another. Love of self is a necessary step to enlightenment and connection with your essential Source energy. Nothing feels as good as that.

If the world’s people engaged in more laughter and joy, they would find themselves pulling away from negativity and approaching positive love. Aspiring to teach people to move into positivity will change the world – but remember, the choice to do so is always theirs.

You also have freedom of choice, and choosing to go all out for yourself is one way to proceed. Earth is a place, and the only place, to explore opposites. Try experimenting with selfishness, gluttony, pride, or other “me-first” attitudes. There is nothing wrong with that if it appeals to you. You can always return to where you are right now.

But, as you have pointed out, what is most important is what resonates with you, what makes you feel as if you are doing what you had always sought to do. Follow your intuition and feelings and create what is comfortable for you.