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Losing faith

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, for about five years (from what I can identify) I feel completely blocked, either spiritually (I lost connection with my Higher Self) or in other areas of my life, such as health. I’ve been looking for help and also often ask the assistance of my Guides and Angels. Yet I’m still in this difficult situation, with the feeling that no one can help me (myself included). What is the cause of such a negative experience? What am I doing wrong? ~Em, Portugal

ANSWER: You have given up on yourself and now think that only someone else can give you your solution. Nothing is further from the truth. Each soul creates its own reality and manifests its destiny. You were well aware of that before but have lost all faith in your own abilities.

When you were in touch with your Higher Self you felt the connection to the entire Universe and the unconditional love of Source. That union is still within you. You have to have the acceptance, belief, and knowledge that it is still there and an active part of you – and then step forward and think, feel and act as if it is so.

How can you do that? By remembering who you are. You are a piece of Source energy that is what makes you a soul who has chosen a human experience. A big part of the journey is learning to maintain that connection through acceptance of your essence.

You have allowed third dimensional ego judgment to creep in and take over your thinking. The first step is to stop thinking with all the ideas which have been placed into your head by society and start feeling with your soul. When you are aware of negative thoughts trying to take over and depress you, bring the most positive loving visions into your head to displace that negativity.

Meditate on your higher self or soul and recapture that love that pours forth. You have to believe in yourself and then take the steps to reunite with the universe.

Visualizing and manifesting

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Thank you Masters, as you helped me with my career and I got a job by following your guidance. QUESTION: Masters I dream of being a spiritual teacher, who inspires people to be who they are and live fearlessly, like Anita Moorjani (whom I love dearly). Writing books, holding workshops, speaking in seminars etc. Many signs in my road point to this direction, if I’m not delusional. What would be the best way for me to achieve this goal? I’ve got a feeling it will take some time to achieve, as there’s something I need to learn first – whatever it is – but I’d like to start my way towards it already, with baby steps. ~Maarit, Finland

ANSWER: You must understand yourself and why you have chosen to have the lessons you brought with you. When you have identified all of them and worked through them to a point of total understanding then you are ready to move beyond your life into a position of assistance to others.

You have still not removed all the negativity from your world and replaced it with positive love energy. This is done by getting rid of all judgment, accepting that every soul is engaged in their own journey, and loving everyone’s choices for themselves even when you do not like what they are doing.

Join as many spiritually directed groups as you have time for so that you are exposed to the needs of the seekers. This will give you a feeling for what you may be able to contribute to awakening others. Start to journal the feelings and realizations which come to you along the way, about yourself and what you observe of others.

Anita Moorjani’s story is one of understanding first, why her life was at it was, why she had cancer, and the power that she had to reset her physical to comply with her spiritual. One’s spiritual energy is the key. If you do not have those spiritual understandings of why you have come, what lessons you were to learn, and how to learn them, you do not have full control over your physical life.

Continue on with this life, visualizing what you need to complete your lessons and then manifesting a way to use your experiences to help others see.

Letting others influence you

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I’m feeling uneasy. I have a rocky relationship with my mother. She does not like my husband. He likes her, tries to be a good son in law. He IS a character, but not mean spirited, just likes to kid. As much as I ask him not to do it, he just keeps doing it. My mother on the other hand can be mean and vicious. At a family gathering recently, my husband and mother were talking, my husband was joking, but my mother was responding in an angry tone. My daughter and I both heard this. My daughter told me that it upset her that my mother responded so meanly to her dad. My mother is 79 years old and lives in a retirement home. We make a point to pick her up on the weekends. I feel she is hurting our family structure at times. Can this be so? ~Dee, United States

ANSWER:  You can be hurt by the actions and words of someone only if you allow those activities to influence you. Your mother is very angry about the way her life has turned out. She hates your husband because he will not allow her to bask in misery and negativity. His tool to prevent this is humor. She does not want to feel good so she erupts whenever he starts to get too close to her trigger points and the ability to point out to her that most of her unhappiness is of her own making.

Your mother wants her negativity and resents your husband’s attempts to replace it with lightness and positive love. He is unaffected by her outbursts because he doesn’t take her seriously. He understands that is just the way she feels comfortable reacting to her despair.

You and your daughter have to accept that your mother is just being who she chooses to be. She feels she has the right to be miserable if she so chooses and that no one should have the audacity to try to change her. She is not an intentionally evil person, just a very unhappy one. The influence that her behavior has upon your family is only what you allow it to be. If it becomes too difficult to work with you can always let her stay in the home a weekend or two to get the message you will not tolerate her striking out.

This is a perfect lesson to explain to your daughter the difference between people who are unaware of the reactions others are having to their behavior and the ones who intentionally set out to cause harmful negative feelings in others. You can discuss with her the spiritual need to love others regardless of their actions because they are all souls having a physical experience. Tell her it is her choice whether she lets her grandmother’s actions have an impact or if she just sits back and observes one possible consequence of losing independence as one ages.