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Questions about Jesus

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, was Jesus a real incarnated human being? Was he really the only human son of God? Aren’t we all sons and daughters of God? Did Jesus’ sacrificial death truly absolve/cleanse the sins of all Christians? If so why do we have to “believe” to make it apply to us? If this karma cleansing were a fact, wouldn’t it be automatic? Was Jesus truly born of a virgin? Did Jesus truly come back to life and walk about the earth as a normal flesh and blood human after he had already been dead for several days? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: The soul that you know as Jesus incarnated and spent a life, under that name, on the Earth. Using other names you might recognize, he has also had other lives on the planet. His soul is the same as all other souls, yours and ours included.

To call someone a son or a daughter you must first have a condition in which there is a dichotomy of sexes, such as on Earth. However, in the energetic phase of the soul, there is no sexual distinction. Sex is merely something that is selected in order to have various experiences when incarnate.

The concept of God implies a belief in a supreme being who is in control and makes all the decisions for your time on Earth, and judges your performance while you are there. God is something outside of yourself and not connected to you. All souls are pieces of Source, who comprises all that exists. We are all descendants, since we were broken off from Source, but we have the same abilities as our origin.

“Sin” is a term that has been used to mean evil, incorrect, or wrong behavior, or within Christianity to mean failure to follow God’s rules. We would ask you: do you believe that it is possible to absolve something that has not yet been done or even thought of? This concerns the beliefs that various religions want you to hold in order to be a part of their congregation. It varies from organization to organization. It also is completely third dimensional, or of the Earth, because that is the only place where negativity exists.

Most of the “truths” you are speaking of, which have been adopted in Christianity and some forms of Islam, came third- or fourth-hand from mostly illiterate people who wanted miracles and redemption built upon the beliefs others convinced them to hold. Does any of it really matter? Know that a soul can accomplish any of the things that were spoken of because it is all-powerful, all-magnificent, all-knowing, and all-creative. But that goes for all souls, not just the one known as Jesus.

Cellular memory healing

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I wonder if you can explain a little about the changes that have gone on on Earth over the last week or so. And what does this mean to individuals. Personally I feel as if a light bulb has been turned on! I have noticed a quickening with clients’ healing and comprehension of spiritual healing to a much deeper level. As we are entering into a time of more developed consciousness, I would be very interested to hear what the Masters’ opinion of cellular memory healing is, and if it is in your plan for individuals to take more control of their soul’s path, even if that means changing what was previously agreed before incarnation. I know that you will say that it is up to each individual to create their reality with free will… but with today’s particular quickening of energies, can you shed any new light on the subject? ~Ruth, UK

ANSWER: Because of the planetary alignments there is less interference with feeling and using energy. People who have never been able to feel—or even believe—that energy healing exists are now standing in line to get the benefits. Souls incarnate at this time are on the Earth because of what they knew was going to be happening. Most planned into their lessons the changes that are occurring. People can change what is happening at any time during their lifetime since freedom of choice is sacrosanct.

Cellular memories are built into physical and nonphysical aspects of human bodies. They are like blueprints that tell a fetus what to develop during the different stages of growth. They are always present within the DNA, both physical and energetic, and can be tapped into at any time that would be beneficial.

Energy healing can be done by removing blockages, repairing damages, or rebuilding the body from scratch based on the blueprints. Faith in the procedure couples with the combination of the intentions of practitioner and client to determine to what extent cellular memories can be used. They have always been available through energetic healing, but it is with the increased awareness of the current moment that they are more applicable.

When a person visualizes the repair or re-growth of a problem area within the body, cellular memories direct the energy. It is really not necessary to have a knowledge of who or what is in charge of healing; it is just important to have the faith and intention that the healing occur.

Do I have to learn all my lessons?

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, a numerology study revealed that my life path was to learn how to care for myself as much as I care for others. As I look at my life at present, my priorities are still being superseded by the needs and wants of others – should I succumb to my true desires to fully learn this lesson? Do I have to learn this lesson for my own spiritual growth? Or can I leave this and still grow properly spiritually? ~Andrew, South Africa

ANSWER: Nothing is right or wrong. The way you approach your life is up to you. The lessons and the journey are different for each person, but remember, the journey is yours alone. No one else is having the same life lessons as you. No one can determine how you complete, or fail to complete, what you had chosen for this voyage. You all have total freedom of choice. The primary lesson all souls embark upon is understanding that they do have freedom to choose how they are going to live their life.

When you give your life up for others by always assenting to their demands, you are saying that their life is more important than your life, their lessons more significant than yours. You want others to like you, and you have convinced yourself that will not happen unless you do exactly what they ask of you. It is fine to live that way, but you are not using your freedom of choice so you are not learning the lesson you chose about responsibility for your own growth.

Someone can control you only to the extent to which you allow it. If you want to take back your power to learn your lessons, you must learn to say no. You find it difficult to say no because you do not love yourself; that is why you feel you must have the love of others.

Spiritual growth is defined by how many of the lessons you came to learn have been completed. It is also about how you have accepted and been able to use your core essence of unconditional love, manifestation, and creation. Decide what you want to accomplish in this life: being a servant for others, or learning about yourself and growing spiritually. They are mutually exclusive. Whatever you don’t do in this lifetime you can always come back and do again in your next life.