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Is romantic love important?

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I want to know if romantic love serves no purpose at all. Does it not, sometimes, let a person know what love from Source feels like? Doesn’t a new mother’s love for her child give her a glimpse of divine love? Is it the sense of attachment that comes parceled with these versions of love that make it so different from the love from Source? Or, do they sometimes create the same magical bloom inside the human heart? ~I N, India

ANSWER: Romantic love serves the purpose of enabling souls to have life lessons involving a relationship with another soul. It is distinguished from Source love in that it is rarely unconditional and is measured by the thinking process and the emotional reactions it generates. The romantic love between two people always comes with conditions, such as exclusivity of partners, personal habits exhibited in the marital home, sometimes even religious beliefs. Unconditional universal, or Source, love is 100% positive acceptance of the way things are.

Romance involves living with another, both parties’ belief systems, and the contracts made between them before coming to Earth. Woven into the fabric of the relationship are lessons such as control, betrayal, abandonment, trust, and all the characteristics defining oneself: self-love, self-confidence, self-worth, etc.

The human heart is not the only place in the physical where love is felt. The heart is a mechanical organ that pushes blood through the body, nothing more. It is more romanticized in speech than involved in love: heartbreak, heart-felt, it warms my heart.

The love a mother has for her newborn is all one way—from her to the child. She does not get any reciprocal feelings from the child. Also, a mother’s love for her child usually starts out as unconditional, but if the growing child does not meet the mother’s expectations, the love is no longer unconditional.

You can only love another to the degree and extent that you love yourself, so even in the presence of Source love, if you don’t love yourself as a creation of Source, you cannot feel Source love. In romantic situations you will be able to love your partner more when you love yourself more. So the degree you feel romantic or Source love depends on you.

Being controlled by negativity

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, from a 3rd dimensional earthly perspective, it appears that the balance of positive/negative energy is tipping rapidly towards an excess of negative. There are increasing levels of control over people and restrictions on freedoms of choice. We are bombarded with drugs, foods, toxins and pollutants that cause severe illness, and prevented from choosing more beneficial options. Our children are having their ideas “reframed” by the use of mind altering techniques in schools, the arts and media. What are the most effective ways to protect our children from this; and, from the Master’s perspective, is there any indication that sufficient numbers of people will wake up to what is being done, in time to tip the balance back toward the positive and thwart these attempts on our freedom? ~Melanie, UK

ANSWER: Planet Earth is an equal balance of positive and negative energies. In some parts of the globe there are gatherings of more positive than negative, and the reverse in other areas. How much of the negativity influences you depends on how much you allow to come into your life.

Environmental factors—physical, mental, and emotional—can be monitored and methods devised to avoid them or to counteract their effect on you and on your children. It is a very time-consuming job to monitor everything that comes into your life, but the benefit is dealing only with what you see as positive. It is possible to monitor consumption of food from natural, uncontaminated sources; to make sure that children’s media exposure is not brainwashing them; and to provide materials that enlighten rather than alter thinking. A first step is to restrict the amount of time children watch television and play video games.

People’s way of life is based upon their belief system. If you feel you have no way to avoid these negative things, you will never be able to clear them from your life. If you understand that freedom of choice in this situation involves making the decision to go along with the rest of society or to choose to separate yourself from the “norms” of society, it is much easier.

There are pockets of enlightened souls mostly in positive energy living all over the United Kingdom. When you start to change the way you see your possibilities, you will notice other people functioning in the same fashion. Create your own gathering of positive souls. Shun the negative groups of people who want to suck you in to their negativity to make it stronger. You have freedom; you need to accept it and stop sabotaging your efforts by thinking you don’t have any choices.

Twins everywhere

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, it seems that there’s been a significant growth among twins being born than ever before. It seems fertility treatments and rise in age of woman giving birth have contributed to this. Given the rise in twins, are there more souls wanting to experience being a twin physically? Spiritually, maybe you can elaborate on this topic. Also, approximately two years ago, I decided to stop putting out energy into finding my twin sister. During astral traveling and dreams, the message was to stop so I did. Given that some time has passed, I’m curious to know if we will meet soon. If it’s not the right time yet, I will continue with my prayer to find her at the right time – when we’re both ready. I am a curious one. Let me know if we will meet soon and if she even knows of me. ~Veronica, US

ANSWER: Souls are always looking for new experiences for their trips to Earth. Being a twin can be very interesting in that you are linked by genetic programming that somewhat mirrors the non-physical psychic connection from Home. Many twins “feel” whatever their twin is experiencing without having to even be in the same location. It is also very easy to develop telecommunication skills with a twin. These abilities we have just enumerated aren’t always in play. People can block their natural or genetic abilities at will, or because they fear them, or they don’t accept the possibility.

You have listed a number of the biological reasons that twins are on the increase. There are really more twins than you imagine that were born in the past as well. At one time the smaller of the twins was killed because it was believed they were bad luck or that the mother would not be able to care for two. It was not uncommon to give a twin to another family.

Spiritually the occurrence of twins is nothing more than a variation on the way to experience life lessons. Having someone who is a replica of yourself creates unique opportunities to learn about yourself. Are you alike? Do you want to lead or follow? Do you share the same ideas or are you individuals? There are many variations, each creating different situations to explore.

We are not prepared, at this time, to answer the last part of your question because it is something you are working on with your guides. Your intuition and contact with non-physical entities is accurate—continue to trust what you feel.