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When do you prepare your client for death?

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I am a healer with 30 years’ experience in spiritual healing. I was trained in the UK by Harry Edwards and to my wonder and joy he appeared in a séance and stated he would work with me at my church. My question is – when working with a terminal recipient who wants to fight to the very end and does not want one word of negativity, where the medical Doctors will no longer give treatment, when can we as healers begin to work with the transition? My patient died quietly and peacefully and I feel I failed to prepare her. ~Lisa, USA

ANSWER: As spiritual healers you have to be sensitive to the wishes and desires of your clients. While some may come to you to assist them with their illness, disability, or pain, they may not want you to share your beliefs concerning transition and the afterlife. During the initial treatment, you may gently let them know what your feelings are, but take the cue from them about how much they want to hear.

Just as a person who smokes does not want to hear your ideas about the hazards resulting from smoking, some people like to revisit their childhood religious beliefs for comfort near the time of their passing. Since your patient died quietly and peacefully, without trauma or fear, she was in the place she needed to be. Anything you may have wanted to say that questioned her thoughts on transition might have interfered with her easy leaving.

Certainly those who are in fear of death and dying need assistance in understanding what they are facing. You have a lot of knowledge and beliefs that are right for you and may easily aid another, but freedom of choice dictates it is the individual’s decision, not yours. As we always say, you cannot change others unless they cooperate and choose to change.

Continue doing the fantastic work you chose. Be prepared to help spiritually if the client seeks your help, but never force yourself onto another even if everything you see speaks to the service you are capable of providing. It is still the client’s choice. Your positive, peaceful presence and what you do put all into unconditional love. Whether they grab it, or even acknowledge it, is up to them.

Aspect of a true self

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I would like you to explain in very simple form about the facets of one’s true self. I believe many of us have more than one facet of ourselves incarnate and our true selves or higher self remains in the spirit realm. I have read that there can be offshoots of one’s True Self (i.e. facets) for example say a facet of an Ascended Master or a highly evolved soul. Some begin as facets of another True Self and then later merge into the highly evolved soul (thus becoming facets). This merging apparently occurs when the personality (facet) is ready to enfold itself in this way. Can you explain this process? If so, do these facets that began as other true selves, do they become the same soul and share the same twin flame or do they have their own twin flame? ~Susan, New Zealand

ANSWER: All souls are facets or aspects or pieces of Source, since they are all broken off from Source. The essence of a soul is unconditionally loving energy. The soul decides what it wants to learn about the energies in a dualistic world and sets out to have experiences that will allow it to learn. These are called incarnations.

The soul always has its previous experiences available to consult through the akashic records, a recording of everything that a particular soul has ever accomplished, or through its higher self. The higher self is not a part of the physical shell that is living a particular life but is always accessible by the conscious mind.

The higher self is aware of everything all at one time and may focus on any aspect it chooses. The conscious mind in the physical body is generally focused just on the current incarnation. People may access other lives through hypnosis or deep meditation. Their soul is not physically incarnate in more than one body at a time, however they may choose to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually go into a recording of another time and place with their unconscious and replay that experience.

The talents that have been perfected in one incarnation, such as music, psychic abilities, or alchemy, may be brought into the current life if the soul has no current lessons blocking access. If a soul has mastered all aspects of a certain lesson, it may also bring that into the present. All of the above-mentioned circumstances are the experiences of a single soul, just different views at various times.

Each soul has only one twin flame, which is the last particle from which it separated. Whatever role it plays, at whatever time in Earth or other history, it is one soul with one twin.

Unable to let go

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I had a short and intense relationship with a man who mentally tortured me. I co-dependently tried to change him and finally left him because it all just became too painful. I have now made huge emotional and spiritual progress and realized in my childhood I used to feel terrible mental pain because my father was so aloof and work-obsessed. I didn’t even know how to grieve when he died because I never actually got to know him. The pain I felt with the man I was in a relationship with was a reflection of those confusing feelings in childhood. I’ve moved on and live happily now – but this man haunts my mind and I’m unconsciously waiting for him to contact me. Is there still something unfinished? Why am I still thinking about him so often? What were the lessons of this relationship for us? Is he my soul mate? ~M. K. V., Finland

ANSWER: This man and you had a contract to help you understand your lack of self-esteem and confidence. People can never be abused unless they allow themselves to be used. You recognized your co-dependency but not your lack of self-worth. You feel if you do what others want and let people use you, they will reciprocate with love. Ever since you have been on this Earth you have craved human love.

This situation came about because you needed to see how deep your problems lie. To rid yourself of these feelings popping up all the time, you need to go and resolve the still-sparking energies over the feelings you had for your father, and the issues through which you developed such a lack of worth image. There were things that were said and done to you in your childhood that have prevented you from being a strong, self-reliant adult. To be able to be free of this constant dread, you need to cut the cords to these earlier events.

Go and seek the origins. This is easily done with hypnosis, in which you can get out of the fears of your conscious mind, and get into your unconscious mind, which will allow you to understand that you don’t have to hold on to these fears any longer. You can visit each incident in a non-threatening manner and sever the connection to the inner fear.

While you work to understand and then erase the influence of the past, start working on finding out who you really are. You are a fragment of Source and, as such, are magnificent. When you clear away the distractions your past has planted, you can start to feel your power. Believe you can change, start seeing the powerful you, then create the world you desire.