Cellular memory healing

QUESTION: Masters, I wonder if you can explain a little about the changes that have gone on on Earth over the last week or so. And what does this mean to individuals. Personally I feel as if a light bulb has been turned on! I have noticed a quickening with clients’ healing and comprehension of spiritual healing to a much deeper level. As we are entering into a time of more developed consciousness, I would be very interested to hear what the Masters’ opinion of cellular memory healing is, and if it is in your plan for individuals to take more control of their soul’s path, even if that means changing what was previously agreed before incarnation. I know that you will say that it is up to each individual to create their reality with free will… but with today’s particular quickening of energies, can you shed any new light on the subject? ~Ruth, UK

ANSWER: Because of the planetary alignments there is less interference with feeling and using energy. People who have never been able to feel—or even believe—that energy healing exists are now standing in line to get the benefits. Souls incarnate at this time are on the Earth because of what they knew was going to be happening. Most planned into their lessons the changes that are occurring. People can change what is happening at any time during their lifetime since freedom of choice is sacrosanct.

Cellular memories are built into physical and nonphysical aspects of human bodies. They are like blueprints that tell a fetus what to develop during the different stages of growth. They are always present within the DNA, both physical and energetic, and can be tapped into at any time that would be beneficial.

Energy healing can be done by removing blockages, repairing damages, or rebuilding the body from scratch based on the blueprints. Faith in the procedure couples with the combination of the intentions of practitioner and client to determine to what extent cellular memories can be used. They have always been available through energetic healing, but it is with the increased awareness of the current moment that they are more applicable.

When a person visualizes the repair or re-growth of a problem area within the body, cellular memories direct the energy. It is really not necessary to have a knowledge of who or what is in charge of healing; it is just important to have the faith and intention that the healing occur.