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Messages from the Other Side

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters over the last year as I have deepened my meditative practice I have met two spirit guides who I now have very regular conversations with. These come to me as a dialogue with myself when in a meditative state which I voice record. However, I wonder sometimes if this is just a mental dialogue with myself? Could you help clarify? Also, I recall vividly a past life with my husband from this life as my father. Again, I wonder about the validity of this memory. can you help? I would also like to know how to distinguish delusion from actual past life memories. ~Sd, Australia

ANSWER: Spirits do not have physical bodies and therefore have no vocal cords or any method of producing sound. They can, however, project vibrational energy into a human body, allowing the human to sense their thoughts and ideas. Just as you are currently doing, providing both ends of the conversation allows you to understand and respond with your own ideas and comments. As long as you keep your mind clear and do not “think ahead” to any answers you want to produce, you will have an integrity and clarity about the guides’ side of the conversation.

When you get inklings of past connections, such as your husband’s having been your father in a past life, it is because there is some energy still active from that exchange, and if you dig into it, you will uncover an important fact about your lessons. Is it imperative that you do this? No, but you will learn something.

You bring to yourself those things you desire to experience. A delusion is something you totally make up, but you can also learn from delusions by working through the fears and doubts to better understand yourself and what they represent in your life. You may not have understood the actual experience you had, so you vary it slightly into a pattern, or delusion, which you understand and can work through. The whole purpose of incarnation is learning lessons.

Extra-terrestrial contact

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I am interested in our relationship with extra-terrestrial souls yet feel confused in some ways. It seems that some ET’s have beneficial intentions towards humanity, yet others can present as being manipulative and abusive. If negativity exists only on earth, then how is this so? Have I misunderstood? I understand that many souls in human lives now have also had ET lives, are some of those as the manipulative abusers? For what soul purpose? ~Dave, United Kingdom

ANSWER: While a soul is experiencing a human existence, it is doing so on the planet Earth and within the reality of the duality. If a soul, while in human form, interacts with any other souls, they do so within the duality. So even though it seems that the human is venturing off the planet and having an interchange with souls having an extra-terrestrial experience, the basis of the human soul originates from the duality and can experience all the positive and negative energies that the planet provides.

The human creates the reality it wishes to explore. Most of the ideas about extra-terrestrials come from books, movies, and conspiracy theorists. Souls choose their lessons and create the situations necessary to provide them. It is the soul whose journey you are observing who makes all the determinations.

There are many manipulative abusers among the souls sharing the planet with you, and that is because of the choices they made before coming. Only a minuscule number of discarnates and extra-terrestrial living souls are engaged in such activity.

Everything that a soul does, in any form or location, is designed to learn about their essence as a soul.

Manifesting good and bad for lessons

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

intention, believing that intention will happen and then doing the work to help bring that intention to reality. It feels like there can be a danger to this process. What if the intentions come from a negative perspective? For example, a person has an inflated sense of self, wants to dominate, be acknowledged as the undisputed leader in his/ her field and uses any means to do so. This overconfidence and conviction in beliefs seems to bring the intentions into reality at the detriment to others. While someone who is under confident or tentative in beliefs could be severely penalized. It seems like confidence and believing are key to creating your life above all other qualities. Why is that ranked higher than other qualities? It seems like this system creates undue suffering. ~Anne, US

ANSWER: You have explained the manifestation process, but you don’t understand that the sole purpose is for that individual soul to create the circumstances that provide the necessary environment for their chosen lessons. Not all lessons are positive. Each soul is on their own journey and, therefore, only able to manifest for their lifetime, and sometimes the lessons may be negative.

You have mentioned some different human characteristics that enable the soul to experience learning. A soul’s lessons are not dependent upon any one else. Souls who are sharing a timeline with others chose that period because they were aware of what the others were going to be working on. Some chose to be there because they wished to observe the opposite of the traits they embody: a meek person watching an overconfident one, for example.

What one soul is doing influences another only if they allow it to do so. There is no ranking of one lesson as any more important than another. The soul varies their choices from time to time, and sometimes works with other souls to allow them to experience a dynamic incident. It isn’t causing suffering, only the dynamics requested. The one affected wouldn’t be present if they had not chosen to place themselves in that situation.