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Body’s reaction to spiritual energy

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters two years ago I started having everyday almost all day headaches. They started around the same time I started doing Buddhism morning exercises. Mostly on the sides of the head, like massaging, sometimes stronger and disturbing. After some time, I discovered I have high blood pressure. Don’t know if it’s genetic or came from something else. The headaches lasted almost 1.5 years, then suddenly stopped. They started again this April when I participated a meditation retreat In Thailand. Now I have them while meditating. Another thing is tapping loud in my ears when going to sleep. Though it has been less while traveling last months in Asia. I would like to know what is the cause of the headaches, high blood pressure and tapping in the ears. What could I do to avoid them? What is the lesson to learn? ~Merit, Estonia

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Their observations are spirit-based and concern life lessons. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: Many physical bodies are overly sensitive to spiritual, nonphysical types of energy. These can originate from the movement of the soul’s essential kundalini, an opening into the universe connecting to life force energy, or the brilliance of unconditional Source love. Some bodies are rigid and not easily accommodating to additional energy within the structure of the body.

When new sources of vibrational energy are introduced to a place such as the head, they compete for space. When a person is meditating within a group, an additional supply of energy is added to the person’s own because the joint volume multiplies its impact on the body.

The purpose of meditation and Buddhist practices is to elevate the vibration of the body to a clearer, stronger connection to nonphysical beings. Your body is resisting the release of its control over the physicality of your shell. This has resulted in a battle with headaches and forces being applied internally. The high blood pressure is one indication. The ringing/tapping comes from a change in pressure such as what many people get while ascending to altitude or in an airplane.

The first batch of headaches lasted until your body became used to the changes going on. They returned because you were experiencing slightly different forms of meditation and again benefiting from the combination with others also participating in the retreat.

To lessen these effects, release all expectations, fears, and analysis of what is occurring. Relax your entire physical body and expand your emotional, spiritual, and mental bodies outward, enabling more room within for expansion of the vibrations. Begin with a series of deep breaths, releasing stress. Think of your body as being able to merge with the nonphysical world without being impacted in the physical realm.


Choices, no predestination

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I was told by a psychic I would move to NSW and find a job but it’s too far away. I want to be with my family. But there are zero jobs going here in the animal industry. The only jobs deserve a license which I do not have. Will I get to stay here with my family? Will I find my job here working with animals? ~Emma, Australia

ANSWER: Whatever you have been told is advisory only. No one’s future is predestined; everyone has freedom of choice. Information received from psychic connections is an indication of what is settled for that moment and not necessarily what will happen in the future. Whenever you are involved in a situation that can be affected by more than just yourself, it can change if any of those involved changes their mind about anything.

The psychic was picking up on your frustration concerning a job, heard that there were opportunities in New South Wales, and therefore assumed you would wish to go where employment was more certain. Your lack of immediate response to her reading made her feel it was in line with your desires. But the choice of what you do is always up to you alone. There are available positions in that area that do not require that much education.

Wanting to do a particular job isn’t always possible just because you want it to be. You know that you don’t have the necessary training, so one thing that you can do is get some more training. Look for an apprenticeship, some online courses, or a school program toward licensure. It’s like wanting to be a teacher but never going to get the required learning. Things will not be handed to you without your putting in some effort.

There are jobs around you, so that you can stay where you are, if you get the training needed. It all depends on how badly you want to be in the animal care field. Investigate other animal-related things like dog sitting or walking, working with animals on a farm or university, or assisting with breeding programs. Don’t limit yourself to what you have already explored – think outside the box.

The “Creator”

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters would you please tell us more about our creator? I know our creator is unconditional love … but does he/she actually live in a specific dimension? Does he/she communicate with us through a channel like you? Where did this loving being come from? How many creators exist in the universe? ~Rachel, Canada

ANSWER: The word “creator” causes some potential difficulties in understanding. Source, God, Creator – whatever term you prefer – did not create, generate, or fashion souls out of some other substance within the universe, but used its own essence and broke off, or separated, pieces of itself in order for them to have their own consciousness and experiences, which would vary from their Source’s own experiences.

The essence of Source is unconditional love, and it exists in a place that abounds in nothing but positive energy. It knows what it is but, never having existed in negativity, did not appreciate the powers and abilities it possessed when having to make choices to remain in positivity. For example, one who has only lived in a temperate climate has no idea what it is like to freeze and cope in blustery winter weather.

“Dimensions” are not physical places. Source and its separated souls do not have corporal bodies unless they choose to come into a planet such as Earth. They are amorphous, cloud-like masses of energy that can be in one location or many, depending on their wishes.

When we speak of dimensions, we refer mostly to the “locations” or stages along the journey of a soul from unconditional love, through negativity and its working through lessons, to its return to unconditional love. We also use the term to distinguish among a physical being, a physical being who spends a good deal of time in unconditional love, and a soul existing solely in the nonphysical state of unconditional love.

Source is aware of everything that occurs, wherever it may be happening. On occasion, it has a desire to communicate with souls having physical experiences, and it does so generally by transferring thoughts to that person. Most of the time it will observe and watch as each soul’s individual guides intercede and establish physical-to-nonphysical communication.

Source just “IS” – it has always been and will always be. It is the single and only energy source of everything that exists within our universe.