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Why so much dark energy

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters why have I been having so many coincidences of dark energies coming into my life? I have strange Psychic experiences, dreams, encounters, meet people who say they’ve been possessed, hear people talking when I fall asleep just to name a few. The possessed appear more often now and bring other types of negative experiences. Is this just my imagination? Too much tv? Sometimes these spirits / entities come to my dreams and name themselves, is this real? How do I protect myself and others from these negative entities? ~Erika, US

ANSWER: Your experiences have a mixture of causes. You do have a very active imagination. You also have an extensive connection with nonphysical beings from all of your spiritual work, and they come calling since they know you can see and hear them. Not all of the energy you have encountered is of the dark or negative variety.

People come to you if they are being bothered by discarnates because they feel you can help move the stragglers along. During your search for your essence, and what powers and abilities you possess, you have cleared out most of your own darkness and shine brightly. This makes you like a light to a moth.

While your body needs rest, your soul does not, so it goes traveling. The voices you hear are originating from the destinations where you are heading, and most of these are friends and acquaintances. The negative beings who approach you are seeking to be energized by your energy.

It is important when you are being approached by negativity, and when helping to clear discarnates, that you protect yourself with white light. This may be done using your intention and by asking beings of the light to assist you in covering yourself with unconditional love. Negativity cannot penetrate love. You could also visualize yourself being covered by white light or a rainbow of light from a waterfall. Some people see a cocoon of protection impenetrable by negativity.

The nonphysicals who name themselves are doing it for one of two reasons. They want you to have sympathy for them and identify with their plight so that you will allow them to feed off your energy, or they are members of your soul group or other associates who wish to establish a dialogue with you.

Test the feel of these contacts to see if they resonate with you or give you an abrasive sensation. You may also ask them why they are there and see how their answers resonate with your physical self. Since you have freedom of choice, you may also shut off all of these contacts by intending they go away. You can also put up a visual brick wall to block them.

“Readings” from beyond

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, you told me some time ago that I had completed my lessons on Earth. I am 68 and unsure where to go next so consulted a psychotherapist who was also a medium. I wanted information about my past lives which I had failed to get previously. To my astonishment the medium was already in direct contact with my guides who told her that I was from an angelic dimension and this was my first incarnation on earth. My future role was to be a bridge between earth and this dimension in preparation for work after I leave earth. I found this difficult to comprehend and also how I could be comfortable in an earth body on my first incarnation. I also had two benign discarnate entities attached to me which were removed by the medium. Are you please able to confirm or elaborate on any of this information? ~Arthur, UK

ANSWER: A human who receives information from the nonphysical world has many difficulties in reception and interpretation. The information relayed to you by this medium was a combination of your soul’s history intertwined with that of the discarnates that were attached to you.

You have had many previous lives in body, testified to by the ease with which you completed your chosen lessons this life and the comfort level of dealing with humanity itself. One of the discarnates was experiencing its first incarnation and that was why it had not returned Home. You were chosen to attach to because your light shone very brightly to them from the wisdom you had previously gathered.

There is no division, such as a specific angelic realm, when in your soul essence. You are preparing to be a guide from beyond to those choosing to experience Earth for the first or second time once you return from this lifetime.

You have had a plethora of past lives, exploring as many possibilities for lessons as you could. You wanted a “toolbelt” full of wisdom to share with others. One of the reasons you have had difficulty remembering your past lives is that there are not any outstanding incomplete lessons that bring them to mind. Most PLR work deals with bringing forward something that is troubling the client because they need to take a specific action to have it stop interfering with the current life.

Your instincts and intuition are spot on when you stop second-guessing your feelings. You will draw to yourself what you wanted to take care of while here, so sit back, relax, and go with the flow of the universe. You don’t have to be occupied every minute of every day. Take some time to just breathe in the energies.


Message and inspiration from above

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I am an artist and I love the feeling that wells up from within when I’m drawing or painting something. The most interesting and unusual images emerge when I draw with nothing in mind. It’s as if the drawing is creating itself. There are a lot of eyes and spirals in my work. Where does this come from? Is part of my life’s purpose to develop my artistic side, or am I like a channel for creativity…from where? God? Spirits? ~Kathleen, Canada

ANSWER: The part of your soul that is your physical appearance here in this lifetime is but a grain of sand expressing your existence as a soul. You have lived many lifetimes, had many experiences, gained a magnitude of wisdom, and cataloged all of it in your Akashic records. Your unconscious has access to all that knowledge.

Whenever you engage in anything that expresses who you are, without a definite directive plan in mind, your unconscious starts to respond to the situation. You are connecting to past experiences and friendships that meant a lot to the learning practices in which you interacted.

Your work is being created as a collaboration of your remembrances and the energy of soul mates and friends who want to show support. The eyes are the physical expression of the souls’ human lives, and the spirals the trail of the nonphysical energies.

Your intention, whether conscious or unconscious, chooses the participants in each work. The results are a combination of channeling, cooperation, and interpretation of you and those on the Other Side.

You have always used non-verbal communication to deliver messages when in a physical state, mostly through various forms of art. It is one way in which you have defined human existence and its corollary spiritual phase. No matter how your life begins, you always find yourself right back to bringing messages forward.