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Attachment complications

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I’ve had/have ”a creature” in my energies, earlier pretending to be my beloved. What was/is it? I’ve heard of many ”solutions” for it, also that it’s a part of my beloved? True? How to get rid of it? Partly because of this ”creature” we’ve had awful downs and it still may play me/us. My beloved is married, but I think we share deep love. Why did we meet and why are we now where we are? Life lessons? Earlier lives? Soul ”relatives”? ~Valo, Finland

ANSWER: You have an energetic negative attachment that likes to control all aspects of your life. It is connected to your beloved because he wants to have control over you and your attachment to him. He gathers negativity to him since he feels it gives him strength and power. The intensity of this energy is dictated by the amount of interest he is investing at the moment.

Your beloved is all about being the manipulator/controller of any and all situations. He has you convinced that he loves you as much as you love him. He is using you as a diversion from his marriage and a plaything that is totally controllable. This energetic spirit comes whenever you seem to be moving away from your connection to him.

Some of your chosen life lessons have to do with being true to yourself and realizing when you are in a sharing relationship and when you are being used. You have created a fantasy event around your connection to this man, and when doubts arise you push them aside. Recognizing negativity is another lesson. Negativity can be overcome by positive, loving energy directed against it.

In the beginning you did not question his intent concerning you – but then he wasn’t being truthful about his personal life. As facts have emerged, you have not allowed yourself to evaluate what they mean to any possible permanent relationship. You want this relationship because, right now, it is easy for you since he is telling you exactly how to behave and how he wants you to always be there for him.

The negative energy can be chased away by using an intention, based in unconditional love, that it leave you alone. Get some incense and smudge the area since negativity cannot stand things such as sage or sweet grass smoke. Burning candles also chases it since it does not like light.

These are all current-life issues. They are not coming from past lives or from sharing a familial group. The choice is yours to decide how you wish to deal with this. Remember, honoring yourself and your journey is the reason this has appeared. Choose how you wish to do that.


Tuesday, December 26th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I would like to learn more about Reiki from beginning. What is the difference between the universal life force energy and life force energy? Are the symbols real powerful or are they powerful because we just believe that they are powerful? Why Reiki needs to be passed on from masters to students through initiation? Did Master Jesus use Reiki energy to heal people? ~Rachel, Canada

ANSWER: There are only two kinds of energy within the physical realm: positive and negative. The nonphysical universe is composed of only one: Source’s unconditionally loving positive energy. Terminology within the metaphysical community creates more problems than it solves or explains.

In some circles, if you are talking about nonphysical energy from Source, you refer to it as Universal Life Force Energy, and if you are referring to the energy that can affect the human physical body, it is called life force energy. But all energy originates from Source. When it comes to Reiki and other energy-based practices, they all employ the same Universal Life Force or Source energy.

The symbols associated with Reiki are focusing points and, therefore, only as powerful as the practitioner believes. Energy is intention-driven, and therefore your thought process directs the use and effectiveness of the energy. The flow may be started by invoking the symbols or by your intention alone.

The initiations allow a student who has never felt the energy flow before to see what it feels like. If you have never tried to ski before, getting on the skis lets you adjust your mindset, balance, and enthusiasm to move forward. The initiation accomplishes the same thing. Once felt, knowledge of the intensity and direction of the universal life force energy is possible to control.

Any soul who has performed energy balancing on another – i.e., healing – has utilized universal life force energy or unconditional love. Healers have many practices in which they can specialize – Reiki, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, and Quantum Healing, to mention just a few. An additional intention-healing branch is that of the various practices stemming from religion-based faith healing. Each and every one of these owes any success to Source energy.

Healing, balancing, corrective therapy all are dependent on two things: the intention of the practitioner and the faith and confidence of the patient. If either party does not partake with an intention that balance be obtained, nothing will happen. What definitely will not happen from the use of this energy is a worsening of the client’s condition. Reiki cannot do harm, nor can any other process that is life force energy.

Etheric cording and attachments

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters my question is about etheric cording and attachments. I was told by a teacher / healer that focusing on these to learn about them lowers our vibrations and not to do so; although she clears them at times. If we are aware of etheric cording, how do we begin to clear these without lowering our vibrations? ~Catherine, Australia

ANSWER: You are really talking about two entirely different features of nonphysical objects. “Etheric cords” is the terminology that normally refers to the aspect of the soul that comes from the realm of unconditional love where it originated with its separation from Source energy.

These are what a soul uses to animate a human body or to give cells viability. The cords may contain a simple connection claiming the fetus prior to birth, or they may be the soul’s connection to its essence after birth. The cords themselves are all of the vibration of Source’s unconditional love. A soul’s total essence is a snapshot of its Akashic record of everything that soul has ever done in its many incarnations.

Attachments, on the other hand, originate from another source. They may be a soul who is no longer in a human body but who has chosen not to return to unconditional love for one reason or another. These souls remain in the duality of positive and negative energy and generally are full of negativity because they have chosen to remain to seek revenge for something or to take over someone’s body so they may have control again in the physical arena – this is all negative energy.

Another form of attachment may be based out of residual energy generated by negative forces. Take, for instance, a person getting angrier and angrier about the actions of another so that all they can think about is destroying that person. Their getting madder calls any random negativity to come join the party and add to the strength of their feelings.

Attachments composed of negativity can draw a person into the negativity, or lower vibrations, if they spend time thinking about, joining with, and using it. This lowers a soul’s vibration since it holds them in the physical, third-dimensional duality instead of allowing them to rise to or maintain their choice of a positive, unconditionally loving, Source energy vibration.

It is possible to help get rid of any attachments you or others might have, after you have protected yourself with white light, affirmations, and obtaining the assistance of your guides without lowering your vibration. Examining the negative attachment without protection makes the energy assume you are interested in its nature and want to partake. Taking on negativity immediately lowers your vibration.