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Two souls, one body

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

QUESTION: Masters this may sound a bit strange, but a friend of mine has two souls residing in her body. She doesn’t particularly like the second soul, but I do. Is there a way for me to take on this second soul myself? ~Ayla, United States

ANSWER: There are two souls within your friend because she allowed a discarnate soul, someone who died but did not wish to go back to unconditional love, to enter into her during a time of loneliness. Another soul can become a part of you only with your permission. Most of the time the receiver is unaware of what they are doing. Almost all discarnates are composed of negative energy that cannot stand  positive, loving energy.

It can happen like this: A wandering soul wants to have access to a body so it starts talking to a person, saying how lonely it is and how much better it would feel if they let this bodiless soul share their body. The live person wants companionship so they consent. Once inside, the discarnate then tries to take over its host. This is why your friend does not like her hitchhiker; she feels her control over her own body being eroded.

The host has the ability to get rid of the intruder but it can sometimes require assistance. This entity senses that it is about to get sent packing, so it is working on you to get you to let it change ships. It is being extremely nice to you now, just like it did with your friend, because it wants your permission to take it on. If you permit this transfer, you will then be greeted with a totally different personality from the one you perceive right now.

All experiences one has while in the duality of Earth are for the purpose of learning, so nothing is right or wrong. You are being courted and played by this being. It is aware of all your insecurities and your need to be needed. It feels you would be very easy to control and then it could use your body for its own diversions.

If you so desperately want a relationship, this one will not be fulfilling. Look to another human. You bring to yourself what you need to experience, and this is a test to see how serious you are in working to find love. The choices are yours.

Knowing the future

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, since my childhood, I have had visions of dangers approaching me in my dreams. I’ve seen earthquakes, or traffic accidents, or fights before they happened. Even sometimes, I feel people around me – their feelings how they feel projecting my feelings even sometimes so strong I’m not even sure I’ve emulated their feelings. From long distance friends in trouble I can feel they are in need of help and find out they actually are. What’s happening and how can I isolate it as it’s started to ruin my life. I don’t believe in coincidence as its way too much. After these things started my mother told me when I was kid someone in my father’s dream whispered my name before she even got pregnant. He was so afraid from the dream itself he didn’t choose that name, what’s going on? ~Matthew, United kingdom

ANSWER: You are extremely sensitive to the emotional vibrations of other souls having a mutual physical journey with you at this time on planet Earth. When someone projects thoughts of what is happening to them, you are able to pick them up and almost take the place of the participant. With your ability to “time shift” – that is, to go backward and forward in time – you see the other person in situations they are drawing to themselves or actions the planet is in the process of going through.

You have the ability to continue “seeing” these projections or to stop them by blocking the connection. Be aware: this is an ability you were well aware of before you came, and you decided that it would allow you to help mankind if you so chose. You have already done this in telling some people about your “dreams” – which encouraged them to change their plans, thus preventing the problem.

While this is very unsettling for you now, it is a skill you meticulously perfected during a past life. Your thoughts were that it could be a neat adjunct to a career in this life. You could use it to become a reporter, an author, a rescuer, a counselor, or a historian. It is also like gathering a useful tool to protect yourself since you are aware of potential dangers you might be walking into.

The voice your father heard was actually yours. You had decided it would be really cool to choose your own name before you came into the body you now inhabit. You waited until he was in his resting cycle and then appeared to him and pronounced the name you wished to be called. You hadn’t anticipated the fright you would deliver with the name.

Nighttime adventures

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, thank you for your continued efforts in aiding humanity. I was told that while I am asleep I have been teleporting and time travelling. This would seem to be something I am not entirely privy to, as I have little recollection of such things – though I have woken up feeling drained. What I was told makes sense to me, but I am trying to learn just how accurate my feelings are. I would appreciate it if you could tell me if what I was told is accurate, and if so what I can do to further understand this ability. ~Steven, UK

ANSWER: Physical bodies have a requirement for a resting, restorative phase, but the soul needs no such time out. While the human aspects are sleeping, the soul does a number of things. Some of these ventures are merely revisiting companions from other lifetimes and experiences mostly taking place in other time or dimensional phases, and others are undertaking new adventures in which the soul takes a part of the current physical body along, or at least the consciousness.

When part of your current consciousness accompanies the traveling soul, this is known within many nationalities and metaphysical concepts as out-of-body experience, astral travel, astral projection, soul travel, and/or remote viewing. Your body may choose to take an active part in the journey, which results in a physical excursion, or may just “be there” as in a telepathic observance.

As with your dream state, such experiences are fleeting to your memory unless you prepare to catalogue the trips as part of your consciousness. At the very least, you need to remind yourself as you enter sleep, deep meditation, or self-hypnosis that you wish to remember what you are about to experience.

Practicing techniques such as remote viewing or astral travel from a semi-conscious state in meditation or self-hypnosis will give you more control and comfort in what occurs during sleep. You can have fantastic experiences once you reach a comfort level and begin to “direct” where your soul goes and in what it engages.