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“The Golden Age”

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters for years I have been reading channeled messages by the Archangels, Ascended Masters etc. promising us the “Golden Age”. To date, much has been promised, but very little delivered. It is the carrot at the end of the stick. And the more I read, the more contradictions appear in the messages. Other non-dualistic messages claim that there will never be Golden Age or Heaven on Earth because the collective consciousness is in a state of perpetual conflict. I have the impression that we are being manipulated, deceived. ~Mario, Canada

ANSWER: Anybody can say anything they want. Anyone can claim to be delivering messages from any source they choose. Some channelers have agendas wherein they seek to become the authority and/or guru for others, the expert on “The Truth” about everything. They propose that “because they have a connection” you must believe exactly what they are saying and nothing else. In other words, do not let any doubts that you have take you away from their program. And definitely, do not follow your feelings.

The soul, when in the body of a human, must decide what they accept as reality for themselves. This is done by accepting various beliefs by which they will judge how their life is progressing and how they want it to continue. This belief system is unique to each individual and may change at any time when the person loses faith in one accepted fact and substitutes something else instead because it resonates more closely with their feelings at the moment.

A soul having a human experience lives in a dualistic world. They have come to Earth to experience this phenomenon and to use it to find out who they are as a soul – which is a piece of Source energy with amazing powers and abilities – by making determinations concerning the negativity that surrounds them.

If one concentrates on the physical aspects of their life – that is, living in the duality where judgment determines everything, and feelings are not to be trusted – they live for the ego and rate, grade, and judge everything. If they choose a spiritual path, seeking to unite with their essential unconditional love, they will merely observe the world and those in it, making no judgments and bringing into their reality only what resonates with them.

The Earth is a duality with an equal amount of positive and negative. For that reason, there cannot be total evil (hell) or total unconditional love (heaven). Earth is not going to change from this characteristic, and therefore, there will be no Golden Age. Since every soul has freedom of choice, no one can promise that anything will be a certain way in your reality since you have to choose the particulars.

Take even what we have said here today and accept it as your truth only if it feels right to you, if it resonates with your being. Use that as a yardstick for developing your beliefs and growing in enlightenment.

Your Merkabah or “lightbody”

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Alexandra from Romania asks: “how do I activate my Merkabah?” This was asked five years ago and our answer was quite comprehensive so we choose to repeat it.

QUESTION: Masters on our spiritual journey of learning and experiencing can we access our lightbodies or merkabah without going on a course?? Can we “Remember” ourselves? If we ask the masters will they help us to sense, feel, and communicate with our lightbody? ~Sian, United Kingdom

ANSWER: The merkabah or lightbody has been a part of your history since recorded time. Religions see it as the chariot that carries the person to heaven. Mysticism proclaims it the vehicle to ascend from the physical third dimension into higher realms of existence. We associate the terms with the essence of who each of you is as a soul—your Source energy.

Your question then becomes something like: is it possible for me to recognize who I truly am without following someone else’s path, e.g., by taking a course with someone else’s method of recalling who they are? The answer is yes! Interestingly enough, a soul’s purpose for having a human life is to try to remember who they are and what abilities they have in their essential state.

There are a number of methods for activating the lightbody or merkabah to assist in the enlightenment of the body. It may be done on a totally physical level. The energy that creates the vehicle is in the form of a star tetrahedron. This looks like two three-sided triangles with one pointing up and one pointing down. A flat presentation is what most call the Star of David.

In physicality there are three star tetrahedrons around the human body. When one is spun clockwise and another counterclockwise, an electromagnetic energy radiates outward looking similar to a spaceship. The innermost tetrahedron becomes the vessel allowing the human body to travel wherever it desires. Intention is the driving force—where you intend to go, you do.

In meditation, hypnosis, or self-hypnosis it is possible to access your energy or light body without having to involve the physical you. Your soul essence may travel without the encumbrance of the body and easily ascend and visit other dimensions. In all cases of “remembering” who and what you are and reconnecting with that knowledge, your intention is the driving force. “Think it and it shall be” is our motto.

Practice to perfect easy transition from one form to another is important. Your guides and all here will be more than happy to support you, but you must determine which is the best and most comfortable way for you. As in all things there is no one way to do things on Earth. The more you can let go of judging what you are trying to accomplish, the easier it will become.


Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, a few days ago I have read something about the phenomenon called “walk in”, which happens when a person lives a near death experience and changes the personality dramatically right after the experience is completed. The terminology “walk in” means a switch between souls in the same body. What I came here to ask is if I am a “walk in”… I feel like I am… When I gave birth to my first child, I had a post-partum hemorrhage, this was a very intense moment and I survived. Just after that I recognized I was a newborn person and my personality changed drastically and immediately. This happened almost 6 years ago, but all these years are a very confusing time and only now I think I understand what really happened to me… What could you explain to me that could help me in this comprehension? ~Clara, Brazil

ANSWER: You are the second soul to inhabit that particular human body. The first soul was due to die during the hemorrhaging and you had wanted to come into this time period without having to go through the whole gestation stage and infancy, toddler, teenager, etc. You wanted to be in a family, so having a baby already was a big plus. The former occupant did not care if you “walked-in” to the body that it was leaving because they thought it would be good for the other souls with whom she was sharing this life to have it seem like she was still there.

Walk-ins are extremely rare occurrences. You entered with the shared memories which were contained in the body’s cellular memory but not all the specifics of having lived those early years. You had watched this body for some time, so you were able to fit in quite well and people were “forgiving” for any uncomfortable moments in the beginning during your acclimation phase because of your medical condition.

The whole situation is not unlike a person who suffers a head injury where there is partial amnesia. You can think of the whole scenario sort of like a transfer from one department in a company to another. You have a desire to be loyal to the company and to fit in and learn all that you can while in the new location.

Every soul creates its own reality, so it is up to you where you go from here and what you decide to do. Generally, a walk-in remains in its acquired body through the rest of that body’s life cycle. No one else has to know what has transpired. Most people would not understand and would be freaked out by the thought of their loved one being replaced by a stranger.