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Negative spirits being pesky

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters why do lost souls and bad spirits bother me all the time? They come in my dreams and when I wake up I see them leaving. They attached to me before and made my life hell. They sucked all my good energy. I pray and pray for them to find their light then I don’t see them for a while, but then new ones come around again. I am so tired of this crap. I want them away from me for good. I don’t care if they need help. Life is hard without them already. ~Roselia, Canada

ANSWER: When they first made contact with you, you decided that you would help these “poor” souls find their way Home. Unfortunately, what you were dealing with were souls who were remaining in the third dimension because they determined that they had unfinished business – mostly of a negative kind. What you provided for them was nice positive energy to keep moving forward. So they passed the word on and you became a rest stop and supply filling station.

Since they continually sucked energy from you, you were left only with the despair and negative energy they replaced for your positive energy. Some did finally move on because they finished up their business and heard you talk about going Home so much that they did. What you didn’t know was that you had to remove the doormat welcoming others to your world.

Enlist your guides to help set up a barrier around you preventing just any spirit from entering. Instead of praying to an outside source, understand that you have the power to control this situation. Your personal intention is the door key: don’t want company? Then lock the door.

Don’t think that all spirits are just lost – some intentionally want to stick around and suck energy from you. Just get out of the business of trying to assist wayward souls and your life will change for the better. If you still have a need to be of assistance, send unconditional love to all those who haven’t been able to find their way Home that they may understand the way Home.

Messages from beyond

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I am curious about an experience I recently encountered with my mother. We were traveling across states and stopped at a hotel for the night. We switched out of the first room we had, into a different room, because we had a weird feeling about it. Later we saw three individuals in the hotel that gave me a very strong feeling that we were in danger or that something terrible was going to happen. Was I sensing something or was I being paranoid? How can we discern between the two? ~Skyler, USA

ANSWER: The land and hotel that you visited has been the site of several human life ending events. Some of the souls who were involved have not transitioned yet because they do not know that they are dead. The energy that surrounded these actions is extremely negative and draws in living humans who want to connect to that negative feeling and also feel safe that they will not stand out from “normal” people because of the energy.

The first room was one of the ones where a death took place. The three individuals that you saw were engaged in criminal activity related to drugs and were expecting a setup by a rival gang. Nothing happened that night but the potential was there. The men were armed, and if you had seemed to be interested in or had interfered with them, you would have been in danger.

Both you and your mother are very sensitive to negativity when it is present in massive amounts. Your guides were also making contact with you that evening to get you to be aware of the difference in the degree of negativity that was present. This is a learning that you can carry with you all the time.

If you consciously scan the area around you, the degree of negativity will register just like a thermometer. The only possible danger to you in such a circumstance would be if it enticed you to gather some of that negativity into your body, replacing your usual positive, unconditional loving energy.

The further you step away from ego judgment, the purer will be your love presence and the easier it will be to feel the status of those near you. When a soul is not consciously aware of the energy balance, negativity has a very strong pulling force and tries to capture a larger portion of your essence. Stay in love and the world is beautiful and bright with no detectible fear.


Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, how can one explain the prophecies of Nostradamus, whose spiritual vision anticipated innumerable world events. Today, we can only understand their messages after the events. How could it be possible to take advantage of the anticipated vision of the prophet? ~Duda, Brazil

ANSWER: There is a cult following concerning the interpretation of the books attributed to the man known as Nostradamus. Historical archivists have proven that there are literally hundreds of different versions of the work supposedly written by him, each “translated” by a different individual. He used archaic French plus Latin, Greek, and many other languages and literary techniques. A large portion of his ten books of prophecy contained material previously found in the writings of other prophets of the time period. Because of this conglomeration of material, “interpretations” have to be made in order for them to be understood in the language of the present time.

As you point out, only after an event can a believer allegedly substantiate a prophecy by the interpretation they give to the prose from the selected translation. In his day, Nostradamus, who referred to himself as a physician even though he was thrown out of physician’s training for engaging in practices forbidden to medical personnel, claimed to treat people using astrology and other techniques. He was constantly called to task for misinterpretations from many experts in the various fields.

While Nostradamus was sincere in his work, he did not have the training necessary to be an expert. He took material for his writings from poets, scientists, and other seers of the time. He was not a spiritual seeker. His background was Judaism and Catholicism. He constantly thought he was going to be persecuted for his prognostications.

The followers of today who attribute accurate forecasts to him need to supply a different set of translations to each of his four-line verses. Even within the same page one is unable to apply the same constructive language to consecutive verses. To use these writings (whichever version you select) to forecast the future, you would have to infer that something will happen based upon something ongoing in the world. Then you would have to change the facts as time elapses, something that is occurring with today’s use of these writings.