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Body sleeps, but soul?

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I would like to ask about my dream life which has always been very lively and varied. There is lots of music in my dreams, and many times I hear songs which aren’t even “made”. Where do they come from? Also, I travel a lot in my dreams, but I don’t think those places are really existing here on earth. Where am I really in those moments? ~Tiia, Finland

ANSWER: While your physical body requires periods of regeneration accomplished through sleeping, your soul does not. While you are resting, your soul is off wandering around. You have a tendency to frequent locations that are familiar to you from prior lives.

In many lives, you were a musician of one kind or another. You played instruments, sang, acted, and most of all composed. The songs you are hearing are original compositions written by you in other times. If you listen carefully enough, and commit the music to your current memory, you can reproduce those songs in this lifetime.

Your travels are to those places where you have spent time before. In some you spent an entire lifetime there, and others you saw from Home and decided to visit to see if you might want to spend additional time there in the future.

Any time you are dreaming or astral travelling, your soul energy is in both places. You are maintaining the viability of your human body asleep in your bed, and you are in the locations that interest you. Your awareness comes from focusing your attention and intent to be present somewhere that allows you to see, and later recall, places you visit.

Most of the places you visit are on planet Earth but in different chronological times from the present. Occasionally you have spent time on other planets and in other dimensions, such as the times when you return Home in order to remember something from your past that you need to help you complete a lesson you have been going through.

Connecting with nonphysical energies

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters various thoughts, impressions and images pop into my head when I am giving a Reiki healing session. What am I tapping into or communicating with? ~Catherine, United Kingdom

ANSWER:  Practitioners who commit themselves to a connection with the Universal Life Force Energy for the purpose of assisting others to bring their existence back into balance join a network of beings dedicated to that action. When you went through the “opening” process through the attunement into Reiki energy, you became part of the group of healers who are always ready, willing, and able to assist others.

Once you begin with your procedure, you connect to the “party line,” so to speak, and utilize the combined intention of the Reiki Masters and other light workers toward the goal you seek. What you are hearing and seeing is their joint communication to help synchronize the healing that is taking place.

They will occasionally send a message to you and the others that they have detected a blockage or disease that needs to have additional or special attention. You also sometimes hear or see their personal thoughts as they act as a conduit for the healing energy.

You have the ability to open the conversation, to ask and answer questions, and to engage in the discussions that are floating around. Just release your own thoughts, while concentrating on the flow of energy to the client, and engage in the dialogue around you.

Bilocation not different bodies

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, as you said in another message, a soul can only inhabit one body at a time. How to explain cases of bilocation like when Sai Baba could be seen by a group of people in India and by another group in a totally different part of the world? The same occurred with Catholic St. Father Pio when he lived in a small town in Italy but he could be seen in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and also different parts of Italy. ~Jorge, Brazil

ANSWER: There is a difference between a soul’s using its abilities as an unrestricted Source energy to be seen in more than one place and its having the ability to live two entirely different lives in two separate bodies simultaneously. The purpose for a soul to enter into a body, or incarnate, in the first place is to learn more about itself and the peculiar characteristics that appear only in a negative environment.

The soul accomplishes enlightenment by using its freedom of choice to remove its existence from ego judgment and redefine itself within unconditional love evaluation. First comes the knowledge of the choices and their implications, and then comes the wisdom of being able to apply these practices to any similar circumstance.

Once a soul has completed all, or most, of its chosen lessons, it has let loose of any connection to negative energy and is bathed in its essence of positive love energy. When all negativity is gone, anything that is possible for the soul to do in its energy alone it can do with its body accompanying its intentional desires.

As with all powers in the spiritual realm, a soul performs its desires merely by intending. For instance, it is possible for one to project their image, or even their body, to another location at will, which is what has occurred with the souls you have mentioned and many others. But understand that this is the same body within which they learned all their desired lessons, not another chosen for the journey. They simply have the intention to be seen in more than one location at the same time. It is similar to using the Internet to appear in front of people all over the planet at the same time.