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Messages from the Other Side

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

QUESTION: Masters over the last year as I have deepened my meditative practice I have met two spirit guides who I now have very regular conversations with. These come to me as a dialogue with myself when in a meditative state which I voice record. However, I wonder sometimes if this is just a mental dialogue with myself? Could you help clarify? Also, I recall vividly a past life with my husband from this life as my father. Again, I wonder about the validity of this memory. can you help? I would also like to know how to distinguish delusion from actual past life memories. ~Sd, Australia

ANSWER: Spirits do not have physical bodies and therefore have no vocal cords or any method of producing sound. They can, however, project vibrational energy into a human body, allowing the human to sense their thoughts and ideas. Just as you are currently doing, providing both ends of the conversation allows you to understand and respond with your own ideas and comments. As long as you keep your mind clear and do not “think ahead” to any answers you want to produce, you will have an integrity and clarity about the guides’ side of the conversation.

When you get inklings of past connections, such as your husband’s having been your father in a past life, it is because there is some energy still active from that exchange, and if you dig into it, you will uncover an important fact about your lessons. Is it imperative that you do this? No, but you will learn something.

You bring to yourself those things you desire to experience. A delusion is something you totally make up, but you can also learn from delusions by working through the fears and doubts to better understand yourself and what they represent in your life. You may not have understood the actual experience you had, so you vary it slightly into a pattern, or delusion, which you understand and can work through. The whole purpose of incarnation is learning lessons.

Handling the energy of others

Tuesday, March 26th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters I am very sensitive to energy and the energy of others goes right through me, where they have pain, I feel it, and their emotions, and makes me feel ill, even the vibration of some people’s voices feels very uncomfortable. With my job doing massage and treatments it is even worse as it is hands on the client but I have the ability to absorb the pain and heal. How do I protect myself from the discomfort and energy drain? ~Lauren, Australia

ANSWER: Two things are happening here. You are not only feeling the energy of other people, but you are unconsciously allowing it to be absorbed into your physical body. Secondly, you have not instituted protections to keep this from happening and have not learned clearing techniques that will expel the energies from your person.

As an empathic, sensitive person, you have options. You can completely shut down your reception of energy, or you can use it to learn more about people and how to help them in your profession. If you wish to bar it from being felt, you need to close off sensations other than your own. This is a very drastic solution and may not be reversible if you wish to use this skill later.

A second option is to create, or have help from your guides in creating, a series of filters that allow in only those energies you wish to receive. Say you want to feel where a client is in pain so that you might concentrate on massaging that area, open only to that sensation. If you also want to assist with clearing the cause of the pain, you could ask for the emotional connection to the cause so you can work your client through their blockage.

But have the filter flow through you, releasing the pain to the ground after you become aware of it, instead of absorbing it into your body. You can use this same filtering system on the auditory vibrations. It is like adjusting the treble and bass while listening to music. Ask your personal guides or the healing guides to help you with these adjustments. Your intention is the controlling factor for all these techniques.

If you absorb the pain and then have to heal yourself from the effects, you are doing double duty – for yourself and the client. If you sense it as it passes through, you obtain the information you need but don’t have to do the work to remove it later. Something that helps remove residual energy is visualizing yourself under a cleansing waterfall of vibrational energy, which simultaneously cleans and rejuvenates.

Part of what you are sensing is also negative energy and discarnates that are attached to your clients. You can prevent these from impacting you if you offer a protective affirmation before beginning your treatment. Just ask that only beings of the light participate and that all negative entities refrain from entering your treatment zone.

Contracts involving other worlds

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

QUESTION: Masters, from a young age I was fearful of aliens and the surrounding concepts. For much of my life I assumed this was due to the media’s fearful invading alien portrayals. I’d spoken to an Akashic Records reader who assured me that they were just fears as I’d assumed. Recently however I spoke to a channeler of a group called the Arcturians, and whilst speaking on another subject they informed me I had a pre-life contract to be part of a Zeta Reticuli alien hybrid program, and that on a number of occasions had been taken. Much of this seemed to chime with things that had happened as a child (sleep walking, unexplained marks and odd comments to my father). I would appreciate it if you could comment on what I’ve mentioned, and if there is any value in hypnosis to attempt to remember such events? ~Steven, UK

ANSWER: Your early memories of fear of alien invasions and destruction were the result of the prevailing media reporting of that time. People make contracts to be a part of life lessons, both individual and group. The spiritual contracts are only applicable to things happening within the duality of planet Earth. Their purpose is to present situations that force the soul to exercise their freedom of choice so as to enlarge their knowledge and understanding of negative and positive energy.

Souls having experiences outside of the duality of Earth are doing so to explore some concept that does not involve negative and positive choices. As we discussed in the above question and answer, everything that you can perceive is energy and has an amorphous composition unless a soul crates a reality illusion that takes a physical form.

Many agreements decided between souls, for a time frame outside of the unconditionally loving energy of Home, consist of a shared illusion wherein they may assist each other with some project or other. There are souls currently conducting experiments around physical bodies chosen for use in different environments. One such examination is being directed by a group of souls on what Earth calls Zeta Reticuli.

You had offered to be a subject in their studies. This is partially conducted in your third-dimensional world and partially in an alternative reality agreed upon by all parties. Each soul must maintain their chosen energy-generated physical form in both dimensions for the examinations to take place. Your participation in these studies was concluded in a very short period of time since it concerned the developing human body only.

You would be able to re-experience the contacts during hypnosis or during deep meditation. Only you would be able to determine the value of doing this. You will definitely know all about it when you return Home.