Being a victim

QUESTION: Masters, I have been a victim of exaggerations and nebulous accusations and inaccurate facts. Others instigated the events that precipitated this. I did not even know this could happen again. I failed to see the signs and am disappointed in myself that I fell for similar events. I then shot myself in the foot by supposedly instigating an event myself and giving them further ammunition to prosecute me. Their motto is 10 lies make a truth. What is your view on this, am I in the wrong? I feel I should stand up for the inaccuracies or should I leave well alone like I did before, as I get shot down each time, stating my counterarguments as ‘lack of insight’ and they have gone as far as to report to the relevant ‘authorities’. How far up should I go- local or regional if so? How about solicitors? ~Dog without the Bone, UK

ANSWER: You live in a negative environment where you gather negative thoughts and energies to you. You are bringing these conflicts to yourself because you fight the people who say anything you disagree with. Once a conflict is started, it easily accelerates until you have a full-blown war. This has been a continual pattern with you for a number of years.

Accusations and inaccuracies can have an effect upon you only if you allow them to. You like a good fight—you look on it as “standing up for yourself.” But we would ask you: what are you accomplishing except getting upset? The more you argue with someone, the more they desire to win and will do whatever they think they have to in order to come out on top.

Again, we say these things can bother you only if you allow them to get to you. If you consider the insignificance of most of what has happened, you will have to admit a mote of dust has grown into a mountain. Don’t worry about the motives of anyone else. Be concerned only with how you feel about the part you have played in this whole event. You will not be able to accomplish anything that will resolve how you feel about this incident until you let the anger go.

This has been a series of lessons about control, anger, self-love, self-respect, judgments, and one-upmanship. Go inside and deal with your personal doubts and fears. Forget about everyone else. This is your life, and continuing the conflict will only keep you in negativity. Choose to be positive about how you exist. Every time you sense any negativity, immediately search for something positive in the event—it may be simply seeing what you never want to experience again.