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Visits from spirits

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

Q. Masters, I sense around the holidays that my deceased relatives are near. Is this just wishful thinking?

A. The energetic excitement on planet Earth can be felt in the “ether” or on the Other Side, as we refer to it, with an intensity that creates vibrations that cannot be ignored. Each soul has its own distinct vibrational pattern, just as each body has its own vocal identity. When you get excited, particularly in the extremes of happiness, anticipation, and love, it’s like sending out invitations to those who once had contact with you, for the celebration of a special event.

You have the habit of enjoying the company of friends and relatives around the holidays for whom you don’t have time during the rest of the year. Your deceased friends and relatives relish the opportunity to share being not only with you but with the rest of the group that you have gathered around you. 

Even during the times when you are alone, the season brings memories of your dear departed. These thoughts send an invitation to them to share the love of your feelings for them. They like nothing better than curling up next to you or across from you as you think about them—while they send you the sense of their love and presence. Enjoy their visit!