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Caring for planet Earth

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Q. Masters, recycling is a very contentious subject in a lot of areas. Why isn’t there a built-in default setting within human beings to take care of themselves and their environment?

A. Planet Earth has a finite amount of resources available to all the little creatures who inhabit her surface. Some humans feel the need to conserve and to reuse or recycle each finite resource; others couldn’t care less whether they use all the potential of an item as long as the next needed item is available to them.

It would be lovely if souls came with in-built default settings to preserve planet Earth, but then what would they do with their freedom of choice? The trip to the planet is all about making decisions that allow us to learn from experience. Some lessons are what you consider good, and some are what most would term bad. But, alas, default settings would take away freedom of choice and hence provide no human learning experience.

All you can do with your experience is to be true to your feelings. Live your life and create your reality using your personal freedom of choice to conserve, reuse, and recycle. Others may be moved by your example to pitch in and become more conscientious citizens.