Get used to being noticed

Q. Masters, I have been meditating on a regular basis and have a new appreciation for this life I am experiencing. My studies have given me insight into this process of the Soul upon Earth and I am working to learn what lessons I have not completed. I cannot get it out of my awareness that people are beginning to treat me in a different way. Why have I suddenly become so “visible” to others?

A. Have you ever been in a room and then a very spiritual person enters while you have your back to the door? Is it not possible to feel a change in the atmosphere in the room such as a new sense of peace, tranquility, and stability enveloping you? Or, conversely, when a very angry person enters behind you, won’t you feel a sense of fear, dread, or despair? These experiences all occur when energy variations disrupt the atmosphere.

All Souls (and therefore the bodies they inhabit) are sensitive to the vibrations of other energies around them. You have noticed that you feel differently since you have been doing all the energetic work on yourself. This change now radiates out from you wherever you go. To some of your acquaintances it is a change that they can feel but cannot quite put their finger on or give a name. To others it is just that they feel better when you are around, and they watch you to see what you may have done that might make them feel better.

When you see something beautiful don’t you watch it, as long as it is in sight, to capture some of that beauty to take with you? People want some of whatever you have because it makes them feel as peaceful as you have become. Get used to being noticed because you have become a beacon of tranquility in a sea of chaos.