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Is sports needed in life?

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, we have always been crazed Brazilians in football but this year we will host a world cup and people seem anesthetized. They are not caring about the event, are looking disconnected and without feeling and think only to protest the money spent on the event – it is all about protests. Why have they lost the love of football? ~Fabiana, Brazil

ANSWER: A lot of people in Brazil are becoming very spiritual getting away from matters of the ego and pursuing a higher path. Sports are a divergence from life, a way to forget about the difficult lessons and to put one’s energy into cheering on the home team. But to what benefit of the soul?

Sports are ego based. Every aspect of the game and every player is judged and rated to determine their “worth” to the team and the fans. This plays out in the Earth plane in the positive/negative polarity of humanity. Nothing that happens during a game helps a soul along their path of enlightenment. It has no place in the reality of life lessons.

Societies use the success of their teams for indicating to their citizens the power, importance, and strength of their economy and standing in the world – but it does none of that. The ego is the one “selling” such a notion to the people. Winning makes a country join together in celebration while losing may lead to riots and disobedience because the team (in most minds the energy of the government) has failed to conquer.

Those who have recognized the lack of any beneficial result from winning a game, have taken up the banner of objecting to their hard earned money being spent to make money for the over paid players, team owners, and sponsors. The only benefit many see is as an entertainment and video games and movies are much less expensive.

Beauty is only skin deep

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I am most highly eager to know, if I really chose that acid accident to happen to me when I was at the tender age of thirteen which threw away my social life for years. Does that on its turn mean that I have made heavy plans for this particular life to wake up or what? I feel like being so deep on the negative side of this life, that it seems quite impossible at the moment.. ~Petri, Finland

ANSWER: You decided what lessons you wished to experience and set up the situations which would allow them to play out; so, yes, you did plan the accident with the acid. One of your desired schoolings was to have an outer covering that could be displeasing to people so that you might recognize yourself, and help others learn, that what’s inside is the only thing which matters.

Having come down to Earth many times before with simple tests, you were a little bored with non-complicated life lessons and wanted to be challenged with a multilayer life. You had difficulty stepping away from the comments of others and accepted the nasty things they were saying about you as true. Your lesson was to know your own inner beauty and let others see the “you” inside.

You didn’t choose many other heavy plans. Figure out that the negative feelings you experience are partially coming from the negative thoughts you have about yourself. If you cannot accept your appearance you send the message, through energy, out to others that they shouldn’t or don’t have to accept you either.

The answer to all survival of life lessons is leaning to love yourself. Love that soul of yours who has the tenacity to work through this life. Love the magnificence of the soul and bring out the unconditional love which is its essence. This allows you to see the positive in all that negativity and to reach to push the darkness aside.

You don’t have to like everything about yourself but love that you are completing this life. Know that inside you are perfect and you can let others feel that perfection by the positive energy you project. Reject that negative sense of damage and shame and replace it with the positive wonderment of being a soul who can accomplish and work through the most difficult of lessons with love.

Sitting in judgment

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I’m writing to ask if I should continue to pursue political writing and editing on Facebook or is that getting into the drama of politics when I should be pursuing more spirituality. Writing about politics does make me angry, but it also works as a way to inform people about false spirituality and religion. I do feel like I’m accomplishing good work for Gaia and the humans. It seems like my dharma. Am I doing this right? Should I write a book? I understand that Earth is a School and I’m out of balance. Politics and everyday living are how we traverse the duality and learn those life lessons. I know I fight this understanding because of impatience and ego. What can I do to understand more? Plus, why don’t I dream and see other dimensions? ~Douglas, United States

ANSWER: A life on Earth is a choice of the soul. What you do with the parts of your life is completely up to you. The soul has total freedom to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it. Your ego has decided that it knows better than most people what is wrong with your world and what they should do about it. This is a way for you to control the opinion of society to agree with your judgments.

There is no right or wrong in the choice of activities while on Earth. The purpose for a soul to come into a body is to connect with their essence of unconditional love and hopefully with their memories of other lives they had led so they may use knowledge gathered in their past lives in this life.

Embedding oneself in ego and negativity does not allow you to see the whole picture of the energies in your life. (In other words, you cannot grow in spiritual wisdom while reclining in negativity since enlightenment comes only in positivity.) There are some lessons you can experience in your current field, if you feel you need to complete them and conquer your demons then you should proceed.

Writing all your dramas down may put it in a fashion you can understand and see your destination. Anything with a negative thrust will hold you firmly in the duality of the human third dimension. You wish for a connection to other dimensions but they can be accessed only in positive energy. The negative holds you down. Other dimensions are the domain of souls who are not caught in polarity.

You have seen the pathways – now the choice is yours as to what you experience and when.