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Wowed by meditation

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I meditated for the first time recently and the most invigorating, joyful, intense feeling came over me. It was almost overwhelming. I’ve been trying to channel my own spirit guides and hear the answers to my questions from within. My problem is I can’t seem to really hear anything. Possibly it is because I am not quite experienced enough—it did feel like something was trying to communicate with me. This strange sensation overwhelmed me so much that I wasn’t able to listen. I’ve always felt like I have a very imperative role in this life…it’s like I’m getting close to something that I can’t explain or understand. What was that incredible sensation I felt during meditation? What exactly is my specific role in this life?  ~Wolfgang USA

ANSWER: Congratulations on reaching your essence. That sensation you felt was the unconditional love of the universe and all that is. The goal of an enlightened soul is to be able to access that place and remain there constantly, if one’s lessons have been completed, or to reach it at will if they haven’t. You are a recent initiate so it will take a while to control your contact.

Within that dimension communication with all other souls is possible, but, as with someone learning a new language, it takes a while to hear the nuances and understand the message. Give yourself some time to practice. Don’t set demands for your progress; just let it happen. First become comfortable with the outward stillness that meditation presents. Then go ever deeper into the quiet within and the contact will be established.

Your guides are waiting to assist you and they are very patient. Be patient with yourself. You decided that you want to be able to communicate at will with all other souls, sensing that ability as an imperative. Since contact with the other side involves vibrational differences, your body reacts to those sensations at first. You were preoccupied with feeling these ripples instead of listening to the other souls. Give yourself time.

Unwelcome visitor

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I think I have something attached to me. I feel it when I wake up. It is definitely not pleasant or my idea of fun. It is a presence which pins me down so that I cannot move. I feel chattering in my ear. I would not object to the other side if they didn’t make it so scary. How can I get back to my old self? I feel like I am going crazy. Not many people understand this.                                ~Katie USA

ANSWER: There are two causes for the phenomenon that you are experiencing. The first is the presence of a discarnate soul that has left its human body but has not moved back Home to unconditional love. These souls generally stick around because of their desire for revenge, hatred of a particular person, a love they do not want to leave, fear of the afterlife, or love of the power of the negative. These souls do not care how much they affect a person and become empowered by the fear of their victim.

They are attracted to a particular person to get even or cause havoc, or because they are confused. They perceive that an invitation of some sort was given to them by the victim. This may have been a direct statement made in ignorance: “I wish I knew what it was like to be a ghost.” “I wish Bert were still here.” The invitation also could have been issued in a semi-waking state at the end of a dream cycle. To revoke the visitor’s permit, one must tell the discarnate in no uncertain terms to depart.

The second circumstance where these sensations may occur, and which applies to your particular situation, is an out-of-body experience. At night you do not remain in your body; you leave a tiny connection to keep your body alive and then you go traveling. While the majority of your soul is out of your body it is communicating with other souls, friends, and advisors.

It is a frequent occurrence, especially when the body is awakened abruptly by a sound, that the conscious mind returns to the site of the body but does not enter it before there is awareness. The conscious mind is trying to get the physical body to move but the energy pack, the soul, has not been replaced and the body can’t move. You are still more in the non-physical than the physical so you are still able to hear communication from the other side. The words are not in language your human body can understand because spirits do not have vocal cords.

Experiencing this can be very frightening. You are unable to control your body, feeling that it is held down. You are in between two dimensions and your conscious mind is expecting just the usual physical surroundings. The next time that this happens, relax—do not fight the sensations. Observe what is occurring and you will become aware of your reentry to your body. When you are comfortable with this procedure you may even use it to travel out of body while you are awake. Many people have spent decades trying to do what you do naturally.

Is there one true religion?

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I have been practicing Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism for the past 30 years. The teaching says chanting Namu-Myōhō-Renge-Kyō helps one to eradicate negative karma to attain enlightenment. The life of Truen Buddha, Nichiren Daishonin, who lived in Japan from 16.2.1222 to 13.13.1282, is said to be inscribed into the object of worship, Dai Gohonzon, at the foot of Mount Fuji, Japan. Is this the only religion that will help the world to be transformed into the coming Golden Age?  ~Loo, Singapore

ANSWER: A religion is a set of beliefs on which one fashions one’s existence. It is a set of rituals, prayers, life activities, mores which regulate every aspect of being. These are dictated to all by an individual or a hierarchy within the belief system. Their guarantee to those who adhere to all the rules and regulations is various benefits for this physical life and beyond, regardless of the adherents’ reasons for coming to human form.

All incarnate souls (in physical bodies) come to the Earth to learn lessons through experiences. They learn each lesson through using their freedom of choice to find what resonates with their soul and what moves them from negative energies into positive ones. One of the ways this may occur is to choose to follow a particular religion because it resonates with your human form and you sense changes taking place in your understanding and awareness of your soul’s path. This is enlightenment.

Before we go any further let us ask this question: Is there a particular language upon your planet that if spoken by all would ensure peace? Are there not armed conflicts all over the world between peoples who call a single dialect their basic language? What of the factions within a society that resist being grouped together with ones holding opposing views to their own? Is not each and every human soul on an individual journey? Is one method any better than any other?

Just as no universal language will suffice for your diversified planet, one belief system cannot be the answer to all souls’ journeys. While all souls were identical as they came from Source, no two physical incarnations are the same. The knowledge of each soul is the knowledge of all while in spirit form because we are all interconnected, so each soul chooses its own direction and lessons. The process of learning is not to repeat what others have done unless you crave the same experience since you already know how it turns out.