Three days of darkness

QUESTION: Masters what about the 3 days of darkness “event” that so many comment upon? Will these three days of darkness really happen? If I know your teachings will they happen if I believe more if I don’t believe any of it will come like this? ~Beto, BRAZIL

ANSWER: This is primarily a teaching of parts of the Catholic church compiled from the prophecies of 17th- and 18th-century channelers and various interpretations of biblical passages. As with all channeled material, it is a reading of the energy patterns at the time of the reading and can be modified by actions subsequent to that moment in time.

The concept first took root from the telling of the plagues Moses helped bring down on Egypt when he wanted the pharaoh to release the Israelites, as found in the book of Exodus. Since there is no Earth time outside of planet Earth, prophecies delivered to humans may be backward facing as well as forward facing in time.

As you are aware, souls having a human experience create the reality within which they live in order to complete the life lessons they chose before coming. If you wish, you could help manufacture three days of darkness if you feel you need to experience that phenomenon. It is always possible to place yourself in any situation you desire to experience.

Another incidence of darkness could occur on the planet if a polar shift happens. This has taken place in the past (but not during the lifetimes of any current residents) on several occasions when all electrical, mechanical, and energetic motion ceased while the Earth re-oriented itself. This occurrence was approaching a number of years ago, but the energetic efforts of Lightworkers reversed the tilt and brought magnetic North closer to due North.