Caught up in negativity

QUESTION: Masters my husband works with mentally ill patients on a daily basis. I really appreciate his devotion to the society, but I feel like he doesn’t know how to release the negative energy he gets from those people. I can sense it clearly every time he comes home, and how quickly he loses temper, becomes panic when something isn’t going right. I want to help him but don’t know how. He doesn’t believe in spirituality nor any religion. And he hardly shares with me his feelings. He also doesn’t like it if I ask/care too much. I love him dearly and want to heal him somehow. ~Zinny, Sweden

ANSWER: Everyone makes their own decisions and choices, and nothing you say is going to cause them to change unless they wish it. Your husband spends so much time in negativity that it feels “normal” to him. Being in a negative arena makes it easier to deal with the troubled patients than fighting to maintain a positive attitude around them.

He is unaware of carrying so much negativity once when he leaves until he is once again faced with your positive energy. His outbursts are the negative energy attempting to include some of your positive energy to allow it to swell in size. The sensation he is getting is that the world is different from him and he needs to fight against it to continue to exist.

Negativity cannot maintain itself when confronted with unconditionally loving, positive energy, so sending that toward your husband will defuse some of his spreading negative energy. Since he does not understand what is happening to him, he is unable to correct the influx on his own. Any time you think about it, just send some his way even when he is at work.

Try engaging him in a discussion about his patients. See what he senses when he is near them. Ask if they react to his presence differently depending on how he is feeling. This is a back-door approach to opening him up to what the energy is doing to all of them.

The panic he is feeling is a sense he is catching from the paranoia amongst the patients. Ask him what it is that the majority fear and if he gets the same sensations. You are going to have to approach this very slowly because he is extremely intelligent and may see that you are trying to get him to look at things the way you do.

Keep sending that love energy all the time. Ask your and his guides to assist and send some of their own as well.