Questions, questions, questions

QUESTION: Masters, I want to know if there are other beings in our universe besides humans and if so will we meet and do they know about us? If I don’t go to church will I be punished? Is there really a hell? Are sins really forgiven? And why is destiny non-existent? Does prayer really work? And what is the purpose of dreams? ~Curious Soul, USA

ANSWER: A soul may choose to take a human life or the life of some other being. Earth is the only place where there is a dichotomy of energy—positive and negative. It is the only place a soul may choose to experience negativity so in order to learn the essence of the powers it possesses. Other souls, in other forms, often come to watch the “show.” They may make themselves known to humans, or they may stay just a little out of synchronization with the planet so they are invisible to humans. Most humans do not see them even when they are in synch; they don’t believe aliens exist so they don’t acknowledge them.

Who would punish you if you didn’t go to a church? Churches are religious organizations run by humans with sets of directives of their choice. Negativity only exists on planet Earth so no one outside the physical realm imposes any penalty (a negative element) on souls once they leave the human body. There is no punishment once you return to Home to your nonphysical essence.

Same thing with Hell. It does exist on planet Earth, but nowhere else. The nonphysical world, Home, Source energy, whatever you choose to call not being in a body, is composed of unconditional love and nothing else: no negativity, no jealousy, no judgment, no retribution, nothing at all negative.

The derivation of the word sin is really ignorance. Your thoughts about sin come from the religious organizations and are a means of controlling your thinking. “Sins” may have to be paid for while you are on Earth, such as being in prison for a crime against society, but when you leave, you are once more in unconditional love where there is no negativity. Even criminals are forgiven when they have served their time.

The soul has total freedom of choice so you may choose from moment to moment the experiences you desire. Nothing is absolute. Each soul is broken off from Source and therefore has the abilities of Source to create whatever it desires. If you pray to a being outside yourself to intervene in your life, it does not happen. If you encourage yourself with affirmations to use your innate abilities, it is fruitful so long as you have no doubts.

Dreams have a multitude of purposes—too many to cover in this one answer.