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Anger has power

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, my mother is attention seeking, manipulative and egotistical. I always felt sorry for her and thought she couldn’t help herself. But after half a century of observation, I no longer believe her behavior is due to ignorance or helplessness. Recently she again humiliated me in front of others and recruited them to do so also. So I disconnected and distanced myself from her. I am now being attacked nightly by some being or beings that dive-bomb me. This happens every time I disconnect from my mother after her bad behavior. Is my mother doing this to me? Or is she sending some beings to do this to me? Is she spiritually-psychically attacking me? I hear her telepathically and continuously telling me to call her. The phone works both ways. But my mother believes she is superior to me and that I owe her my very existence, therefore it my job to prostrate myself by calling her. ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: Your mother has spent her entire lifetime perfecting manipulation through the use of negativity and joining with negative spirits to increase her strength. You were fed a belief system that made you subservient and weak as long as you gave in o all your mother’s wishes. You never thought life was any other way than your household showed. She also threw in a guilt trip with her teachings so that if you even thought about fighting her behavior, you would deduce she had no choice because it was the way she was raised and she was helpless to change.

You have been no end of entertainment for your mother. She has fed off your discomfort all these years. The more embarrassment she can cause you, with your response of feeling humiliated, the stronger the negative energy she is able to absorb from your aura. An additional burst of your energy goes to her whenever you give in and acknowledge her professed superiority by giving into her demands.

She has a very powerful psychic ability because she super-charges it with negative beings that assist her with her torment. You have been trained to allow her thoughts to permeate your mind. This makes you subject to her and able to feel the lackeys that she sends to do her bidding. If you wish to stop being bothered by these beings, surround yourself with white light and ask the archangels and beings of the light to protect you from this assault. The entities do not like candlelight and the smell of sage. You can discourage them with burning candles and sage incense and having clear quartz crystals around.

It is time to make your own beliefs. She will never change from her current behavior. If you want a change, you are going to have to sever contact and block her psychically. Start building up your positive energy to stop her negativity. Do this by ridding your life and mind of any negative thoughts. See yourself happy, content, and in charge of your own life. You have no spiritual obligation to her whatsoever.

Time to wake up and stand firm

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I have recently decided to leave my partnership in a company where the other partner does not know how to deal with money and he is very irresponsible in his attitudes. This person got loans in the bank using the company’s name and I was held responsible for the debts for being partner in the company. By leaving this partnership, I made an agreement with this person where I would leave the partnership and he would be responsible for the money debt. It’s been 3 months and until now this person did not do what we had agreed. I feel this person has always been and is still abusive towards me, and I have always allowed this situation. What lesson must I learn from this? Why it seems to me that constantly abusive people appear in my life? ~Cristiano, Brazil

ANSWER: Why would you think he was going to keep his word of assuming the debt if he had been manipulating you without ever having been chastised by you? You have been an easy target for people all your life. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by sticking up for yourself. If you don’t change, this will be a continuing pattern for the rest of your life. You can only be a victim if you allow yourself to be the subject of abuse.

It is almost as if you have been advertising to the world that you are there to be taken advantage of, and will gladly be their punching bag. Abuse is a life lesson but it doesn’t have to continue. Wake up. You are just as good as everyone else and deserve to be treated as you treat others. Start feeling what you desire, and then tell others how you want things to be done. Don’t let people push you around. Take responsibility for your own actions—that includes when you sit back and allow others to make all the decisions.

In your present situation your ex-partner will only do what he is forced to do. Write up a contract of his promises and get him to sign it with witnesses. He will find a number of reasons not to sign the papers and you may have to get an attorney to make him responsible for the debt he incurred for your partnership.

One child two possible fathers

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, for a long period of time I was in love with two men. My child, who is loved, has a unique look I can’t feel/see if I am with the right biological father now. My conscience and silence makes me suffer every day. It is impossible to perform a DNA test anonymously. I don’t want to hurt anyone. ~Christina, Austria

ANSWER: What does it matter if you know who the biological father is? What difference if the sperm donor is not the man you are currently with? Are you trying to use this dilemma as a way to justify what you have done? Or are you trying to get punishment for what you think might be your dishonest past?

Your concerns for your child are nothing but guilt for something you regret having done. Was your love for each of these men true? Whom have you harmed so far? The only person who has suffered anything is you. The decision you have to make now is whether to be open to both men and let them decide what should happen, or just let things go on as they are.

Your continued sense of deceit will have you suffering until you admit your secret. It is impossible for this paternal possibility to be totally resolved without the potential fathers getting involved. If you only want your current partner to know, you can admit that during the time you got pregnant you had an encounter with someone else and he may not be the father. Then a quick DNA test will prove if he is or is not the biological match.

Until you bring this out in the open you will suffer. Don’t let it influence your child, who is innocent. Your continued distress can be felt by your child, and it will be felt until you resolve your anguish.