Abraham versus The Spirit Masters

QUESTION: Masters, can you please explain the relationship between yourselves and the teachers called Abraham, currently channeled through Esther Hicks? Your messages seem to be different. They say we create our reality on Earth by our thoughts as we live each day. They say we came for the purpose of joy, freedom, and growth, while you seem to say that as humans we have no control over what happens to us here on Earth but are put into situations pre-organized by our soul and have no control over what we need to learn to deal with. So can we create our reality on Earth? If I want to be wealthy, but my soul has decided I will be poor, is there no point in trying to feel for abundance? What are the similarities between the two groups of teachers? ~Tanudja, Australia

ANSWER: Abraham is a group of souls just as we are. Some members of Abraham are also members of Masters of the Spirit World (The Spirit Masters). If you take all of the messages from both groups as a whole, you will see they are not different but approach life lessons from different perspectives.

Abraham deals with day-to-day activities. The group emphasizes that all souls can create their own reality and that your essence, which is unconditional love, allows you to choose joy, freedom, and growth—if you make those the beliefs by which you live your daily life. This message is about positive reinforcement (such as affirmations) to rid your self of negativity and allow the possibility for a happy life. In the same way that you need junior and high school to prepare yourself for entering the working world, you need to do this first before you can move on with life.

We specialize in going deeper into the behind-the-scenes spiritual growth program each soul comes to Earth to complete. This would be college or post-graduate information and theory that only those spending time on enlightenment need understand.

We inform our readers of the Journey of the Soul and the steps each soul goes through before and on Earth. Our biggest message is that, regardless what souls planned to experience in this lifetime, they have complete freedom of choice what to do and how to complete their tasks.

If you want to be wealthy in a lifetime where you wished to learn about poverty, you must first understand what the lack of money means to you (your life lesson) before you can move on to handling money as wealth. In this case, the search for abundance is the lesson you are studying. It is only when you believe you should do without money, and forget Abraham’s teaching about manifestation, that you cannot shed the mantle of poverty.