Who are the guides?

QUESTION: Masters, do my spirit guides actually care about me or do they feel it’s just their duty? I believe one of my spirit guides is a dear friend from my past life in England during the 19th century, but I don’t want to make assumptions too eagerly. I feel it strongly and by intuition and I believe it would help me to get over the past life properly if I talked to them. I doubt guides would mind even if I would mistake one of them as said friend, but I still feel too awkward to talk to them. Would they mind? ~J., Finland

ANSWER: The spiritual realm is an environment of unconditionally loving energy where every soul has total freedom of choice. Guides make commitments to be the astral aspect of a soul’s journey on Earth. They do it willingly and voluntarily and take promises very seriously. There is no such thing as the concept of “duty” between guide and soul. Each considers that you are a friend for one reason or another.

You are correct in your assumption that you shared a life in the 19th century with one of your guides. They are from your intimate soul group and you have been together more than just this single occurrence of which you are aware. It has been your practice to take turns, when you are not both incarnate, acting as a guide for the one who is incarnate.

All your guides would relish the opportunity to communicate with you. They look upon it as a joyful part of their mentoring of you. As you probably already know, a guide cannot tell you what to do, but their job is to advise and give you information to assist in your decision making.

An easy way to slide into a conversation is to go into a meditation or a sleep cycle with a specific question for your guides on your mind. Be sure to remind yourself that you want to remember what was said. Just as you are returning to full cognition, remember what was conveyed to you. This may not work the first time, but keep trying.

Another possible way to contact them is to have a hypnotist put you under and then ask them to introduce themselves and affirm the manner in which you can establish a continuous line of communication. It is easier if you set up a space where you feel comfortable and safe and into which only energies you specifically invite may enter. This can serve as the meeting place when you want to speak to them.