Life lessons and karma

QUESTION: Masters I would like for better understanding what’s the difference between karma and life lessons that you always said? ~Thaís, Brazil

ANSWER: Life lessons are the reason that souls become human to live in a duality where they can learn through the choices they make. It is not possible to fully appreciate the powers and abilities that Source has given to souls (the pieces of itself that it broke off) while the souls are existing in the unconditionally loving energy of Home. That can only be done when souls are presented with the positive and negative sides of any human characteristic.

Life lessons are chosen before the soul enters into the human body. They are not specific – that is, not exactly as the testing will appear. This is partially the choice of the person and how they are leading their life during this time of study. Whether the lesson is accomplished depends on the individual, and what happens after that is also up to them.

If a lesson is not completely comprehended, the soul can choose to try it again in that lifetime or in another lifetime, or just move on to something else. There is no obligation to carry an incomplete lesson on through that life or into another. Nothing but the memory of what was chosen, and the results attained, affects the soul because no negativity exists outside of Earth.

Karma is a belief that the person will be made to pay for something they have done. This is the punishment aspect of society’s ego judgment. Since judgment requires negativity, it can exist only within the duality of Earth. It does not travel back to Source, nor does it hang on to the soul and require retribution.

The action of “karma” is frequently blamed for bad, or negative, choices made by people. It has also become an excuse for lazy people who do not work hard to understand their chosen tasks. It is not an actual energy, just a belief based upon a thought provided by others in society. In spirituality karma does not exist.