The Oneness and God

Question: Masters, I am grateful to live my life, be able to open my consciousness, and talk to my guide. I have experienced what I will define as oneness. Since then, I am questioning the teachings of men. If we are one, how come we have been taught for centuries the idea/principle (in most religions) to seek and worship a God as being a greater and “separate” entity/energy? How could this be, since we are part of the oneness? And when did we (as human race) lose this connection? ~Conception, Canada

ANSWER: All souls having a physical experience create for themselves the reality they wish to experience. They are instructed from an early age and indoctrinated into the beliefs of their parents and society. They may accept the whole package as it stands, or they may try out the “feel” of each part and discard what doesn’t resonate with them. Those who have no confidence in themselves like to be told what to do and are glad to have everything laid out for them.

Historically, when man was illiterate and needed to be controlled, a series of rules and regulations based on reward and punishment were established to keep all in line. The common man was told about a supreme power, outside himself, who was the final judge of all of life. He would reward the good with a heaven and punish the evil with a hell. If those people had been told they were in charge of their own destiny because they were all alike, part of the One, there would have been chaos.

Most souls when in human form don’t want to be responsible for themselves but want someone to tell them what to do. Believing in a separate entity that needs to be worshiped allows people to blame someone else when life doesn’t work out the way they want.

When souls start to remember who they are and the powers they possess, they see they are the Oneness, the power. To accept the Oneness is frightening for many because it comes with the ultimate responsibility for everything. Only an advanced soul who has been to Earth many times is ready to take that leap of faith while in human form.

Question everything to see if it “feels” right to you. If it does, make it a part of your reality. If it doesn’t resonate, then file it away as part of the physical world you don’t need in this lifetime.