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Should I remain a priest?

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, as a Christian priest I seek my soul’s task for this point in my life: whether to remain in the Church and seek a more responsible position with far wider influence and variety, or whether my task is to leave the church and engage in fresh work, in which case, what work might this be? I know that I’m a healer and wonder if my deepest gifts are being neglected through the work that I do within the church. Thank you for your wisdom! ~Susan, UK

ANSWER: Your soul’s task, as you call it, was established by you before you came to Earth in order to learn various lessons. It is not set in stone, so you have the freedom to change the choices you thought you would benefit the most from learning. Where you go from here depends on what more you seek to experience.

Being a religious is just like any other employment one can choose for a profession. How long you desire to stay in one job depends on the experiences available. Within your current position you could get more responsibility, wider influence, and a different variety of work. Most of these things are all about control. If you feel you need to have more time in controlling others, then this is the right path. Everything about this direction is in judgment, graded by the ego and society. All these activities put your beliefs directly in your face constantly—that is, if you are open enough to see them.

Backing away from your position allows you to exit judgment and enter into a life of feeling rather than thinking. You are a healer and have been doing it somewhat as a priest. Your words and energy are very healing to those with whom you interact. You could continue along this same line with counseling, coaching, or direct energy healing.

The attitude you have about any future work will determine what you achieve for yourself and others. Remember, this lifetime is yours, so take your next steps with that in mind. Rely on your intuition, which you have been placing on the top shelf out of reach. It is very strong when you listen to it.

Unrequited love

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I have met a person who I feel is one of my soul mates. We have the same birth charts, personality, and similar negative traits. I feel he is my negative part of reflection and from my primary soul group. We are attracted physically, emotionally very intense, but he doesn’t want to accept that he feels for me, only he sometimes talks about physical intention. He said he can’t accept me as a partner and I can’t get this person off my mind. I am tired of hurt and pain and this makes me question why he can’t accept me despite a strong connection. I don’t know how to move on. I am trying to be kind to myself but why he is so rigid. ~Vini, India

ANSWER: To repeat ourselves from many different types of lessons we have been asked about: It is impossible to get another person to do anything he/she does not want to do. All people have the freedom of choice to choose what to do with their life. This extends to what they will believe, feel, and allow into their life.

You are a very needy person who is living in a dream illusion. You are fixated on this individual and are creating a world around all aspects of what you think him to be. He does not feel romantically inclined toward you. He thinks it might be interesting to become physically involved with you but it will never go any further than that. He is receiving satisfaction from the intensity of your longing for him. It is almost a form of idol worship.

There are a limited number of possible birth charts, personality traits, and life characteristics. The combination that you have commented on can be found in hundreds of different men. Go and find another who will sense the same attraction toward you and be overjoyed to have you in his life. You are trying to attract an unavailable man; go after an available one.

All the pain and hurt you feel is there because you allow it to be. You cannot be hurt unless you believe you deserve to be. You have no love for yourself; therefore, when you do not receive love from outside, you bring pain and hurt in to fill the abyss. Question yourself as to why you don’t love, or even like, yourself right now.

Start looking at all the fantastic qualities you have as a piece of Source. You are all powerful, magnificent, loving, and composed of unconditional love. Let the love shine through. Then send out the energy to attract someone who will be mutually attracted to you.

What are magigans?*

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, we can see on TV these modern magigans* (generally called magicians) like Chris Angel and, now, Magigan Dynamo. Their tricks are so amazing that we are wondering what are these people? In my opinion they only use the energy around us without any restrictions—as we all could do if we start to really believe in our own power. How it is, what are these new magigans and why are they getting more and more publicity? ~Piia, Finland

* [The Urban Dictionary defines Magigan as:”the most of everything, the coolest of everything, the hottest person.”]

ANSWER: These people are souls having a physical experience who are just like you. They have devoted their lives to creating a series of illusions that appear to be magic but are a combination of sleight of hand and props. As you are watching any of their performances, they are using a lot of misdirection to get you spend time examining one thing while they are setting up their trick right in front of you but away from where you are directed to look.

We would like to be able to agree with you that they are just using the powers and abilities that are inherent in all souls, but alas, they are not. They are showmen. It is possible to perform these same feats manipulating energy, without trying to trick people into believing they are seeing the whole action of the performers instead of just what they are doing in front of you and not inside the hidden pockets, split sleeves, and inseams.

In the turmoil of your times there is a desire to believe in magic and to be able to do the seemingly impossible. People don’t take the time to become enlightened so that they may use their energetic powers. They find an easy way to just appear to do whatever they want to accomplish. The faith these people have in themselves is the knowledge that they have learned the trick well enough to fool the audience.

The magigans solicit and create the majority of the publicity because it means money to them. They will perform before huge crowds of people, on TV, on YouTube, and anywhere they can get people to gather. The Internet has taken several of them viral. They find a gimmick, such as Dynamo’s hip-hop appearance of overlarge clothes and dark demeanor, and parlay it into a brand that draws people and lookalikes, which then sells even more. They are extremely talented, but they haven’t tapped into their nonphysical abilities as yet. But then, people who do use their non-third-dimensional abilities have no desire to do so for the sake of third-dimensional ego.