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Crop Circles

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I live close to Wiltshire in UK and have been visiting the Crop Circles that appear here every summer. Could you shed any light on the cause of these? I do feel an energy shift when I enter them but wonder if this is just because I want to? I know some are man made but some feel too complex and have such perfect geometric designs to be man made. What are they trying to convey? Many thanks! ~Vicki, England

ANSWER: Before the introduction of speech, and humans, to the universe, communication between souls was accomplished using geometric symbols. Each design has not only a visual appearance, but also an energetic signature as it meets the rest of the energy surrounding it. This energy transmission has been recognized and used by humans from earliest known times. Many religions (crosses and icons), governments (seals, flags), landowners (hex signs), and people in general (good luck charms) rely on the power of a sign. Astrology figures in transits and other planetary alignments and movements, and feng shui uses balancing energies to level a living space.

Crop circles are notes, sign posts, advertisements, and educational messages from several different sources. The man-made ones are hoaxes created by those wishing to get noticed. There are Earth energies, such as those that create measurable vortexes and ley lines, that comment on the fragile eco system. There are those that are communiqués from non-human souls currently having an experience on a planet other than Earth who wish to provide information and support. And finally, some non-physical beings from the higher dimensions such as guides, angels, and masters attempt to pass on their wisdom.

The basic principle behind all the circles is encouragement for those who will listen. The feelings you obtain from entering the circle are part of the message. Do you feel fear, happiness, love, stability? These are all a means of communication using energy. The appearance of the pattern triggers responses of a different kind in people who are visually oriented. The message is contained on many levels. Just go with the flow and see what the design says to you and how it makes you feel. That is your message.

Honoring your journey

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I have spent my life helping people who are incarcerated and the mentally ill. After 23 hard years I am now medically retired due to an attack on myself by a mentally ill prisoner. I loved my job but it burnt me out with such heartbreaking situations that I witnessed but I now feel lost and feel guilty for not being able to be there for them although because of PTSD being diagnosed I have to look after myself and get better. What can I do? ~Gillian, N. Ireland

ANSWER: Your life has been one of service with very little concern for yourself. After all this time, the attack occurred so that you might examine and evaluate where you, as a soul, are going in this lifetime. It was easy to get totally drawn into your work and to bury your personal feelings in order to take care of those who were so troubled and tangled in their lives. Now it is time to focus attention on yourself and what you have left undone as you cared for the clients.

During your employ you identified with a number of the problems plaguing the inmates. You never acknowledged to yourself that some of the issues were similar to your own. The PTSD you now suffer is the realization that there are energies you need to accept and release in order to move on from where you are right now.

Instead of trying to suppress the experiences when they arise, embrace them and see what lesson is within. Start to see yourself as an individual and not just a care giver. You easily assume responsibility for others, but for yourself you place your needs aside and hide behind your work. You must start to see how beautiful and fantastic you are. Self-love and self-respect will lead the way. Responsibility for yourself and your daily feelings is key.

On some level you believe that you deserved what happened to you, and that is why you cannot release it. Give up the guilt, both over the attack and over your condition. This is just part of a life lesson to accept yourself and gain the knowledge that you are the only person who is having your special life journey. You don’t need others to assist you, and you can’t really assist them with their lessons.

Start each day with an inventory of the feelings that greet the day. Look at any negative things that pop up and see where they originate from. Find the positive counterparts to these negative energies and substitute them. In working through your negativities you will find the issues that are creating all your blockages and emptiness. This life is all about learning who you truly are.

Past-life awareness

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, our very psychic, adult daughter, with severe autism, types with facilitation and has maintained since she was a child that she is the reincarnation of Helga from Block 10 at the Auschwitz concentration camp. She said she was a prisoner (Jewish) nurse forced to experiment on Jewish children. She says that is why she is autistic now. Is there some way I can help her get over this and heal in this life? I’ve tried Shamanistic type meditation. Is that too dangerous? ~Carolyn, United States

ANSWER: The realization that creates healing has to be the individual’s own. If your daughter can master shamanistic meditation, it will take her unconscious to the depths needed to help figure out her journey. Meditation, of itself, is not dangerous. It is only when the subject supplements with or achieves the altered state of consciousness through chemicals such as hallucinogens that it is dangerous even to those without complicated neural networks.

Your daughter was Helga Weinstein, who completed her nurse’s training in Dresden at the government hospital. She had just finished training when the roundup of German Jews began. She was taken in January of 1942 with the gathering of Jews to work for the war effort. One of the doctors from the hospital was in the same transport and they were “recruited” together to assist in the experimentations. When the doctor saw what was intended, he refused and was immediately shot in front of Helga, so she complied with the demands. She began partitioning her feelings and emotions off so that she did not go crazy. Her autism mirrors her interaction with other people for the majority of her remaining days.

Her condition allows her to revisit and interpret a lot of what she refused to acknowledge in that past life. She needs to get to a point of realizing she was merely living life lessons and is not guilty for anything that happened to the children, because they too had chosen their lives. If she allows, a past-life regression with a skilled spiritual hypnotherapist could permit great strides toward releasing the guilt and balancing her emotions and neurological blockages.