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Multiple ways to learn a lesson

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I was born with a vertebrae problem in my neck and have experienced pain in the C1 area since birth. Is this an example of an injury carried over from a past life? Or is it a physical manifestation of a current life-lesson I am not dealing with properly? I could understand its being both, but whatever the cause, I would really prefer it to end!  Thank you for any advice that you feel relevant.    ~Louisa, USA

ANSWER: You are correct in assuming that the neck problem is bi-level. You were hung in a past life for being a heretic for speaking your mind too strongly. When you died you chastised yourself for not being able to read the situation and keep your mouth shut when you really needed to. You doubted the feelings you had about being true to your beliefs. You could not see it as a lesson, so being unable to learn from the situation, you needed to find another way to understand about communication and interpersonal relations.

Coming into this life, you decided you would be extra careful of what you said to people. You determined you needed to take a reading from their aura before you spoke your thoughts and feelings. You have become just the opposite of what you were in your last life. Now you do not stick up for yourself or your ideas. You give all your power away to those you feel are over you or in authority. You now have the sense that if you defer to others everything will be fine. Now your voice is choked by the noose of self doubt. You must see the lesson and find a way to honor yourself—then your neck will be fine.

Playing out contracts

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, my daughter suffers from a leaky heart valve condition called mitral valve prolapse. A clairvoyant has told me that she had chosen to be born in this condition before she came into this life. She said my daughter would be cured one day. Can you tell me when would that day be? What can I do to help her?  I sense she is special. What is her life purpose, and mine too?  How were we connected in the past?  ~Poh, Singapore

ANSWER: Your daughter and you are soul mates. You have chosen to be present on Earth many times together. Her heart condition is the result of contracts and lessons sought to be learned by both of you. She needed to feel what dependency, not just upon a parent but upon all the people in her life, would be like. You wanted a very strong mothering situation where concern would allow you to feel more deeply than normally possible.

As souls both of you need to reach the point where you comprehend that these are all life-lessons you are going through. The physical must then be put aside to reach the essence that is contained inside each of you. This wisdom allows you to draw the power of the soul to correct the physical ailment that controls your daughter’s life. It cannot happen until both of you are ready.

Work on understanding your true essence as a piece of the Creator and teach your daughter what you understand. You are here to help each other. As one of you understands something and explains it to the other, that knowledge becomes wisdom that can then empower manifestation in and by both of you.


Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, is there any way to have a man I know by the name of Victor healed from above? He is an alcoholic and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from Desert Storm. I believe he is also bi-polar. I have tried sending white light and wrapping it around him like a helix but I really don’t know what to do. He is such a kind soul. You can just see the pain in his eyes. I’ve never met anyone who was in so much emotional pain. Please let me know if there is any way for you to help.  ~Helaine, USA

ANSWER: Your friend is very blessed to have your concern for him. He is going through an emotional storm of his own creation and by his own desire. Of course, his physical being does not know this but he set it up when he was back Home in soul form. The experiences he had while in the service of his country presented him with the materials to create a hell-on-Earth scenario.

Victor is a very old soul and wanted to see what kind of hell he could create for himself. Since hell only exists in the duality of planet Earth, he had to plan to do it there. It is only when he is having his psychotic breaks that he truly feels he is in hell. The flashbacks to warfare and emotional instability are needed to feel his hell. All you can do for him is act as a witness to help affirm for him that he is still in physical form and therefore has the ability to bring his soul energy to the forefront when he is ready.

If he can understand his demons he will be able to have them go away and return to what society calls normality. This process is very difficult for you to watch but it is necessary for his growth. Send him your white light energy to help him see his way. Be there if he needs to talk about his experiences as a way of understanding them so he may move on. The rest is up to him.