QUESTION: Masters, is there any way to have a man I know by the name of Victor healed from above? He is an alcoholic and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder from Desert Storm. I believe he is also bi-polar. I have tried sending white light and wrapping it around him like a helix but I really don’t know what to do. He is such a kind soul. You can just see the pain in his eyes. I’ve never met anyone who was in so much emotional pain. Please let me know if there is any way for you to help.  ~Helaine, USA

ANSWER: Your friend is very blessed to have your concern for him. He is going through an emotional storm of his own creation and by his own desire. Of course, his physical being does not know this but he set it up when he was back Home in soul form. The experiences he had while in the service of his country presented him with the materials to create a hell-on-Earth scenario.

Victor is a very old soul and wanted to see what kind of hell he could create for himself. Since hell only exists in the duality of planet Earth, he had to plan to do it there. It is only when he is having his psychotic breaks that he truly feels he is in hell. The flashbacks to warfare and emotional instability are needed to feel his hell. All you can do for him is act as a witness to help affirm for him that he is still in physical form and therefore has the ability to bring his soul energy to the forefront when he is ready.

If he can understand his demons he will be able to have them go away and return to what society calls normality. This process is very difficult for you to watch but it is necessary for his growth. Send him your white light energy to help him see his way. Be there if he needs to talk about his experiences as a way of understanding them so he may move on. The rest is up to him.