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Six steps for growth

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I am feeling stuck! I have done so much work on myself and still I feel as if I can’t get past my hurdles. I have learned hypnotherapy, energy work, nutrition, meditation, emotional clearing—and still I struggle to feel whole, healthy, and well. What do I need to do to finally get it?  ~Michelle, USA

ANSWER: You have been filling up your tool belt to get to work on yourself. You have, however, forgotten to take the tools out of their storage area in order to use them to journey forward. What you see as hurdles are the lessons which you selected to complete in this lifetime. The training that you have taken gives you the means of recognizing, working on, and gaining the knowledge of these lessons, but thinking you can stop there is a common but incorrect belief. Just taking the courses to get the information is insufficient.

To use the qualities of the energy work you have studied for your soul’s growth, you have to apply a formula. Step one is to identify the desired knowledge (lesson) that is creating your hurdle. Step two is to see which of your tools will enable you to work through that particular situation. Step three is doing the work. Step four is completing the lesson. Step five is spending the time to understand why you had chosen to undertake that lesson and what you actually learned about yourself from that experience. And step six is turning that knowledge into wisdom so that you need never choose to do the lesson again.

Empathic complications

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I am confused as to whether I am a natural-born empath or not…I remain confused due to the over-working of my analytical mind. I am on the brink of becoming a doctor, and I would like to know what I can do to help myself and the patients I will be dealing with in the future. How can I, as a doctor, help my patients medically and empathically without compromising myself? I suspect my abilities have caused me difficulties in the past coping with certain things. I was also told indirectly, by a psychic, that I need to be careful who I interact with due to my being like a ‘sponge’ that soaks up whatever energies are around me. The remark made no sense to me until recently. It was recommended that I take salt baths as frequently as possible. Are my energies very imbalanced? Please help, and guide me.   ~NPK,  Malaysia

ANSWER: All souls have the ability to reach out and feel the energy around them. If the person they are sensing is in other than a balanced condition, they may feel unbalanced as well. You are dedicating your life to reaching out and helping others. Having a sense of what is bothering a person that they may be unaware of is a great asset. You can sense the unspoken. This is non-physical and all of your training has focused only on the physical. Of course, you are having trouble differentiating the signals you are receiving.

How do you see acknowledging the non-physical as being a compromise of your life as a doctor? If you were the only sighted physician in your practice, would relying upon your sight compromise the work you are doing with your non-sighted associates? It would rather be a great boon to the practice. You wouldn’t have to tell them step by step why you are doing what you perceive that they cannot. You merely have to follow the needs you sense in the patient.

The problems you sensed in the past came mostly from your conscious mind wanting an explanation for what you were doing which did not result from prior conscious knowledge. If it works, is it necessary to know why it works? Can you explain electricity and how it lights a bulb? If you don’t understand all the aspects of the lamp are you going to remain in the dark?

What you have heard about being a sponge is true. When you totally open yourself to everything that is in a room, you will absorb all unless you filter and/or block it from entering you. This may be done using your intention. When you approach a situation, say something to the universe such as “I wish to feel this energy only so that I may help this patient. I do not need to feel the anxiety of his family. I do not want either to become a part of me.”

Whether you use your abilities is up to you. You have total freedom of choice. The decision to use or to block all is completely up to you. Nothing is right or wrong and you can change your mind at any time you wish. You will be a fantastic physician.

Emotional love

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

QUESTION: I have a very strong feeling for a married man. I cannot stop thinking about him. We used to work together and were living in the same city. I moved on, changed my life and my job, and moved to another city far away from him, but I still think about him all the time. I have a Reiki master who tells me that this man is the love of my life and that I have to bring him to the light. He is married and he is going to have another child, and I thought that we were not going to meet each other anymore. Then I went to a Congress and he was there. I didn´t know he would go. When I saw him, he looked at me and didn´t say hi; he has run away. He is far away from me now. I would like to know how can I bring him to the light. Are we going to stay together as my Reiki master and another spirit are telling me? Do I have to believe them? Do I have to be patient? I really love him. Is there a way to forget him?  ~ALD, Brazil

ANSWER: You do not have to do anything that anyone else says to you. Being a soul having a physical experience (a human life), you have total freedom of choice to choose everything that affects you. You are on a journey of discovery about why you chose to come to Earth. It is a solitary journey in that no one can influence what you wish to experience. So too is this man. No one, not you or anyone else, can influence him to do anything he does not choose. That means that no one can influence others to go to the light unless it is their choice to do so. For your information, this gentleman is not in the dark.

What others are sensing around you is your concentration directed to this man. They feel your dedication to making some type of union between the two of you. This has led them to believe, because the energy is so strong, that this man is the love of your life. You have convinced yourself that he could be the love you have not had, but that is for lack of other candidates.

He does not feel anything for you. He is happily married and very much in love with and involved in his family. You have what is like a school crush on the most popular boy in class. You dream about being together when you feel depressed and lonely, and this only makes it seem more real that you belong together.

You have not moved on as you say. You have continued to count the passage of time but you are frozen in the first moment when you could see yourself in this man’s arms. You have written a whole stage play of your desired life and gone over and over your lines. It is time to write a new play with a new cast.