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Teeming with life

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Dear fellow souls, our channel, Toni, has just spent a week on the ocean, cruising. We thought that it would be fun to let her feel some of the energies that were all around but virtually invisible to the human eye. While she was listening to us and recording these, our words, we let her have a sense of the beings beneath the ship as it passed over them.

She had already seen and experienced the humpback and killer whales and the sea lions. She had seen the dolphins playing along the bow wake of the ship, but she had not seen the endless magnitude of other life that proliferates just out of sight.

Swarms of tiny creatures in thick clouds provide sustenance for the giants of the sea. Some of these are so tiny that even with an examination by the human eye of water containing them, they would still not be detected. The energy of these minute creatures is like a soothing wave undulating while constantly expanding and contracting.

We let her feel the larger fish that swim mostly in schools searching for food— endlessly moving and wary lest they become food for larger fish or human beings. She described the feeling of the crustaceans as “crawling and exploring, picking up objects to detect whether they could provide nourishment.”

We asked her for an impression of what she had just experienced and were told the ocean appears like a metropolis with each type of life having a purpose and its own community. The “eat and be eaten” scenario was reminiscent of early human existence on planet Earth. But there was also a difference: There appeared to be no hurry, to be no sense of time at all except for hunger and sleep. A perfect example of living in the now! No anticipation or pressure.

This can be the life of the soul upon your entire planet. By living in the now, you are able to view all that is. When you concentrate on only one aspect of life, the world passes you by and you miss the richness of others’ journeys. Living in the now opens expansive vistas for observation. Open your soul to the energies around you and you too can have a tour of the oceans and the planet.

Love, light, and laughter to you.

The Masters of the Spirit World