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Are messages from beyond real?

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters is it possible for other people (mediums, self-declared clairvoyants) to bring true messages to people from their deceased loved ones or is it only wishful thinking and longing? Some say that when a soul has left for the light, it wishes not to have contact to this realm. ~Kanerva, Finland

ANSWER: Souls are able to communicate through the “veil” from the nonphysical state to the physical state. Because they have differing degrees of energy, their ability to get their message across is based on their experience with doing so. That is the reason that some communications have a high degree of clarity and others come with a “fuzziness” like static on a radio.

The effectiveness of the radio receiver, in this case a human who has psychic abilities, also varies based on a few factors. The first – and generally the biggest hurdle – is interference from the degree of ego the medium inserts into the reading. The only way to achieve clear, unimpeded reception is to have a completely clear mind with absolutely no negativity or personal interest in what is being received. The person must not try to interpret what is coming through but must deliver it exactly as it is given to them.

The second is the level to which the medium has risen in their spiritual growth. A person who is still living in a state of continual judgment has difficulty reaching into the unconditional loving energy of Home. The less their negativity and the more their embracing of unconditional love, the stronger is their connection and the purer their “hearing” from the Other Side.

An important third factor involves the protections that the medium employs to prevent Earth-bound discarnates from masquerading as loved ones. Under the right conditions, true messages are not wishful thinking.

What a soul desires once they have left the duality of Earth is not to return unless and until they make the decision to do so, but that does not mean they wish to sever all contact with the humans they left behind. As long as they can reside in the unconditional love and not have to deal with any negativity, they have no problem delivering their thoughts back to Earth.

If the person was close to you, or even someone you never met in body who reaches out to you, rely upon your sensitivity to the energy coming through. Does it resonate with you? Does it convey love and nothing else? How does it make you feel?

Was evolution directed or pre-planned?

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, did Source design the specific evolution of all living things in earth, or did Source create the basic building blocks for life and say “let it rip”? Since earth was designed to be experienced by souls as a duality, was the human body specifically designed for this purpose? At what point in the linear evolution of human life did souls begin to enter bodies? ~Gloria, United States

ANSWER: Souls were a part of the Earth project from the very beginning. Since the whole thing was designed to discover the opposite of perfection, it started as a piece of Source experiencing non-perfection: dealing with heat and cold, predators and prey, and fighting for survival. At the start, simple cellular bodies were all that was required. Duration of any experience was quite short.

As the experiments became more complex, with difficulty finding food and shelter and providing for procreation, the body covering needed to be more capable of dealing with contingencies, so it began to evolve. As humans evolved, they also changed the world around them – creating cities, an agricultural society, scientific advancements – and therefore the human body needed to accommodate these differences.

You can see that in areas where societal evolution didn’t require only intellectual prowess, such as in indigenous areas, the bodies changed in other ways, like providing for a better connection with the energy of the Earth and utilizing the innate powers of the soul. To use your definition, Source just “let it rip.”

A soul ended up having many options for a destination to examine the opposite of its essence – how complex did it desire to be? Evolution is still advancing. The body itself, except for the lifespan, has changed little. Rather, intellect, temperament, and plotting against enemies (both individual and international) now occupy the evolutionary circuits.

It is the duality that allows the various parameters to exist. If everyone loved everyone else, there would be no striving – nothing to deal with, no choices to make. Having arrived at its present point, the physical body will remain unless some soul decides it might want to try living through a machine.

Having faith and taking responsibility

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I was raised in a hostile environment of hatred, disrespect, lack of love, and lack of moral values. I try to rebuild my life from the distance away from these relatives to preserve my sanity and at least trust in life. But, time after time, these relatives cast me spells so that I give up on my dreams, or that everything goes wrong in my life and finally return to them, humiliated. Masters, what do I need to do to get rid of them and what do I need to learn? ~Yvi, Brazil

ANSWER: You are not returning because of spells cast upon you by anyone but because you have little faith in your own abilities to make decisions. Any time that things don’t go the way you think they should, you put your tail between your legs, like a beaten puppy, and return to a place that is predictable to you. It is called a comfort zone. Although you don’t like what happens there, at least you know the extent of the displeasure to which you will be subjected.

When you return, you play into their manipulation of your life. You cannot be in their presence without being surrounded by their negative characteristics. They are not even attempting to understand why they feel the way they do, and everything is as they choose. They do not know that there is another aspect of life, which is unconditional love and spiritual growth.

Souls create their own reality by the belief systems on which they choose to structure their lives. Since your relatives are on the opposite side of the duality from what you seek, you have to decide what you want your life to be or just accept that you are going to be under their control.

You are a piece of Source energy and, as such, have all the powers and abilities of Source. But until you accept that as a truth, you will continue to feel as you do right now. First accept it as a possibility. Then believe it can be used by you to change your environment. Visualize what you desire and then know you have the ability to manifest and create that vision. Then start acting to put it all into play.

Put your fears and doubts aside and step up to take the responsibility of your decisions. This is your life – not an extension of your relatives’ life. Make it so.