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Why does a soul have to learn lessons?

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

Question: Masters why is it that the source has split and created souls? And why is it that a soul has to learn lessons? Could the creation have not been done or souls created perfectly? ~Paul, Australia

ANSWER: Souls are perfect when they are just souls and not souls who have chosen to have a human experience. Source is perfection personified, and it decided it wished to understand what it was like not to be perfect, or what, in general, is the opposite of perfection. If it were not for this exploration of non-perfection, Source would have had no reason to split itself off into “explorers” who could “test the waters” of imperfection.

No soul is required to do anything. Everything is done by choice. Most souls desire to participate in the discovery of the potentials of non-perfectionism because this gives a greater understanding of what “perfect” means. They can accomplish this only by allowing themselves to submit to situations constructed in negativity, which is the opposite of their true essence.

To learn about something, one must explore all its aspects. When a soul embarks on the journey, they decide they will learn about a particular trait, be it something they do or something that is done to them. These have become known as life lessons. Perfection would be a balanced situation, while the opposite is chaos – in which the human works to understand how to turn it into balance again.

Each lesson is carefully chosen by the soul before incarnating on Earth. The soul has chosen all the elements that will allow it to create the situation it desires. The new human jumps into the unbalanced life, such as an addictive family, and struggles to understand how not to be drawn into the pattern. When they remove themselves from the temptations and go in another direction, they have completed the lesson.

Souls do have the opportunity to remain at Home in their perfection and not come into the influence of planet Earth and its negativity. The choice is always theirs.

How extensive is the duality?

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

QUESTION: Masters if the Earth is the only place of duality, why are there negative forces out there in other dimensions that you Masters advise us to protect ourselves from during, for instance, when seeking contact to Angels or other higher beings on the other side? ~Kanerva, Finland

ANSWER: Negativity does only exist on the Earth plane but there is both a physical and a nonphysical layer of that plane. When a soul is having a human experience to learn about itself and human existence, it assumes a physical covering and is said to be in the “third dimension,” which is completely physical and a duality of equal parts negative and positive energy.

When a soul leaves the third dimension completely and returns Home, it is said to be in the fifth dimension, which is nonphysical and composed solely of unconditional love with no negativity whatsoever. In between these two dimensions is the fourth dimension, which is both physical and nonphysical and is reachable by those existing in both the third and fifth dimensions. It is the meeting place for souls having a physical life to contact the souls at Home in unconditional love.

Within this layer, souls who have vacated their human body, but not returned to unconditional love, exist by choice. They frequently harbor negativity that they have chosen not to release, which is a requirement for them to return to unconditional love. These souls are called discarnates and follow no rules of conduct but their own. They often choose to remain to “get even” with someone they feel disrespected them during their lifetime.

To accomplish contact with souls residing in the fifth dimension, incarnate souls must do so in the third or fourth dimension – where they are, therefore, exposed to the presence of these discarnates and their accompanying negativity. (You might equate them to those fearsome beings in the Harry Potter books known as Dementors, who suck out all the positive energy they can from the hapless human.)

Our admonishments concerning protection from negative contact with these discarnates addresses their presence within that same area where one establishes communication with guides, Ascended Masters, and other friends and associates who are in the light. Surround yourself with love and seek contact only with beings of the light and those who are coming for the highest and greatest good.

Where to find people like me

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I have changed my job recently and once again I see myself in a place where I can just find one person similar to me. The rest enjoy gossip, saying bad things about other work colleagues. I don’t like that, and I do not take part in those conversations. Is there a lesson I have to learn from that? The jobs are different but the people around me seem to behave the same. I don’t want to keep changing jobs and I guess I can ignore that, but I don’t know until when I will be able to do it without letting it affect me. ~Lisa, United Kingdom

ANSWER: You live in an arena of society where most people follow the same behavioral patterns. Everyone determines their worth by the ego judgment established by the mainstream showing how each compares to those around them. To elevate oneself above the crowd, one must show that they are better, richer, or more intelligent than those around them. This is the way of the non-spiritual human in daily existence.

In a workplace, this ranking is generally accomplished through gossip and showing displeasure for fellow workers’ characteristics. The purpose of this is to demonstrate that the speaker is superior to those being put down.

In the place you find yourself at this time, you have moved away from the basic ego negativity and chosen to maintain yourself in positive, loving energy. Who you are is a choice. Nothing that you do or want is going to influence those who are ingrained in the negative energy.

Your only options are to join in or separate yourself from those who enjoy ego-driven existences. No matter where you go, unless it has a spiritual journey base, you will always find the same balance of society. Since people work their life lessons in negativity, you will see that is the predominant energy in almost all places.

Don’t let the attitudes of those people impact you. You do not need their approval to know whom and what you seek in life. Become an observer by evaluating whether the actions of others offer anything from which you can benefit. If not, ignore them completely and spend your time learning about what you still have to complete in this life.