Planning for the next life

QUESTION: Masters, when does a soul choose whether it wants to be reborn or not? Can I start planning my next life from now on or do I need to wait until I reach the spirit world? How do I know if what my soul decides for my next life is in line with my desire during this life time? And how can I wish to be taken and then reborn at the same time with my beloved cat, as I love her so and I want our soul to be together for every journey? ~Asa, Southeast Asia

ANSWER: The planning for an incarnation on Earth is accomplished while in spirit form at Home with the advice of your council of twelve advisors. All details of what you seek to experience, and the means necessary to set it all up, are discussed. You may find when you return Home that you have learned more about an Earth lesson than you thought and don’t want to spend additional time repeating it.

There is nothing that says you can’t start your planning now, but it may be like the child who sees themselves as a fireman, lawyer, doctor, or dancer as a career in their future. You may find those professions don’t draw you to them when you are mature. Or you may find you don’t have the physical or mental capacity to be successful in one or more of them. So, it can be a lot of time wasted with no substantial benefit.

You came to Earth to learn lessons and to understand who you are as a soul and what powers and abilities that gives you. You must be present in the moment to learn and take full advantage of the situations you have drawn to yourself. If you are day dreaming about an imagined future, which may never come, you are wasting time and missing what will help you in this life.

Your cat is one of the 1 to 2 per cent of animals with a soul. The two of you have been together before and switch roles in each life. You have been the animal and it your human, you have both been animals, and you have both been human – both friends and enemies. Each incarnation brings different plans for learning something new without needlessly repeating the same events. It is also up to that soul if they wish to be with you again.