Do souls have personalities?

QUESTION:  Masters! Hope you are doing well 🙂 I would like to ask questions about soul personalities. Do souls have personality? If they do, is the personality the same as when the soul is in human body? For example, if I am a dreamy and a sentimental person, does it mean my soul has these traits? ~Sara, Macao

ANSWER: Souls are not persons; they have no physical attributes, a single sex, nationality, or anything that can be rated, ranked, or graded, because they exist only in positive, unconditional love devoid of any negative characteristics. They are energy without feelings. They just “are.”

Think of your soul as a versatile actress. Who she is when not working has no clear influence on the person she portrays in a movie or play. In one show she might be an abused woman, in another a wonder woman super hero, a bumbling idiot in another, or president of the United Nations with superior intellect. So, too, does the soul’s personality reflect the situation chosen for the learning process.

If you choose a lesson in self-confidence, you would have to start out with no faith in yourself and a fear of other people and what they think about you. If you are a sadist, you would enjoy the torments of other people. If you are a healer, you would empathize and comfort others.

Who you are today is just a role with the “personality” that assists you to complete this journey. What you take Home with you after this incarnation is just the recording of this role. Your soul is not affected by it or by the way you felt performing it (what we call the personality). Your overriding essence is simple, unconditional love.