Addiction as a lesson

QUESTION: Masters I’ve been a very long-time addict. Now I’m addicted to food. It makes me feel sick. How can I overcome this addictive destructive power? My life is constantly changing. But this addiction seems to be very deep. How would I live without this? ~I., Finland

ANSWER: Your question of how you could possibility live without your addiction shows that you see it as part of your identity and therefore would not be yourself without it. That is sabotaging any effort you might put forward to destroy it and do away with that dependence. You are saying “I wish to have an addiction because it is my way of life.”

Each soul creates their own reality by developing beliefs as to what they accept as existing for them in their worlds. You are accepting that what you eat has nothing to do with what you choose but is something that controls your every move without conscious choice by you.

Since the food does not magically appear in your house and must be paid for if consumed outside the house, then you do have control over what you do. You have convinced yourself that you have no say. This is a belief that you have allowed to exist within your psyche and have never questioned. With all beliefs, you control which ones you accept and which ones you reject. You have succeeded in changing other addictive behavior, so start working on this one.

One of your life lessons has been exploring responsibility. You do everything you can to avoid taking responsibility for your actions, convincing yourself that they are just part of who you are and you can do nothing about them. Giving in to urges to eat is giving up all your power to the idea that you are addicted.

Before you take any action, such as reaching into that chip bag, remove the temptation by not purchasing it in the first place. When at a party, be totally aware of your actions. Don’t let your hands wander around the food without your permission. If you start going toward the food, ask yourself if you are hungry or just wanting something to do. Keep your hands occupied by carrying something in them so it is inconvenient to pick up food and feed yourself.

Create the beliefs you want – not just those you are used to having. Always be aware of what you have unconsciously become accustomed to doing. Live in the moment and do nothing you do not consciously choose to do.