Finding self

QUESTION: Masters I was raised in an old way, with many criticisms and castrations and could not be who I was, I had to retreat to try to get in the molds expected first by my parents and then by society. I have always tried to defer these ways, I have always sought my life mission, I have taken numerous courses, read and still read a lot about self-development but I feel lost from myself. I am a good wife, a good mother but I don’t know who I really am. What are my skills and talents? How do you get close to me and help make the world a better place to live? ~Aline, Brazil

ANSWER: You are still being hindered by the belief systems that have haunted you all your life. Trying to fit into all those molds demanded by others made you create beliefs within yourself of what they wanted and what you felt you had to achieve. Until and unless you release those beliefs, you will never find out who you really are.

Your conclusions about being a good wife and mother are part of those beliefs – and a fine place to start examining your world. Judging anything, including your definition for yourself, is part of the ego society, which prizes judging every aspect of behavior.

Step back from your life and see if what you are doing resonates within your soul or is just what others say you should be or do. If it feels like something you would choose yourself, then it is a choice you have made. If it seems okay, but you might have done it differently, then try that different approach. Never do something just because someone else says it is what you should do.

You are a soul who has chosen to have a human experience so that you might explore the possibilities of choosing one form of action over another. Your origin is Source energy, from whom you were broken off. You therefore have all the powers and abilities of Source if you accept that you do.

Once you acknowledge that you are all-powerful, magnificent, and creative, you can start working with these characteristics and discovering who you are.