How was man created?

QUESTION: Masters I am happy to inform you that I have found so many answers to so many questions. What I want to know is about the creation of man, was it done by the source or by evolution? ~Mohan, India

ANSWER: Since every soul creates its own reality, there is no simple answer to your question. How one fashions their world has to do with the belief systems they accept as relating to their existence. This, in turn, has to do with where they are in their awakening process.

Do they still comply with society’s ego judgement concerning everything they see and react with? Or, have they progressed far enough that they put aside negative energy and merely evaluate what they see to determine if it is something from which they can learn?

Souls are pieces of the Source energy from which they were broken off, and therefore they have the same powers and abilities as Source. Thus, every soul on the planet is Source. Accepting this draws you to a simple conclusion: when a human creates their reality, it is Source energy that empowers that illusion.

One may do this directly, starting from nothing and creating to order, or by deciding to allow the current players on Earth to develop the planet as they need for their own growth and learning as they evolve. Both scenarios have existed on Earth.

If you examine various locations on the planet you will see that the different stages of living have to do with the thinking and creative powers of the inhabitants. Some societies are very technologically sophisticated, and others live without electricity and running water. Each situation allows those experiencing it to learn exactly the lessons they chose before coming.