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What is time?

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I really don’t get this whole issue of time. I can understand time here in third dimensional earth but how can it work in spirit. How can souls incarnate in the past without affecting the future, how can souls incarnate in the future which hasn’t happened yet. You need to put this in simple terms that a dunce such as me can understand. Many thanks for all your wonderful work! ~David, UK

ANSWER: Time, as you understand it, is a concept relevant only in the third dimension. There is nothing comparable in the spirit world. Everything in the spirit world exists at the same time – it just depends on where the soul places its focus.

Think of a compact disc on which you have recorded everything that has happened to you on Earth, with a track for each major event. You can participate in any of those occurrences by specifying a track and placing your focus upon that record. You can visit age 16, then hop back to year 2, then hit 45, 32, or the present day. Reliving these events does not change what happened but might give you a better or different understanding of what you learned during that time.

To see how this looks, you must believe that you create your own reality with an illusion in which to study a particular human characteristic. Since it is something that is unique to your creation, revisiting an earlier time does not change what occurred, but you can interact with it differently, thereby changing the illusion that is yours.

The future is also the product of your creation, so your intention brings it into existence, providing the illusion you need to study the lesson you desire. In the spirit world you are even able to be in more than one place at a time, engaging in multiple incidents.

The human mind has difficulty comprehending the reality of what we have just said (if it even can). Your only experience with time is the living of your daily life, so that is what you project outside into the nonphysical world.

The closest you can achieve to an understanding of this while still in your human body is to undergo hypnosis or extremely deep meditation, which frees you from this dimension and allows you to explore your soul’s past and future from your current lifetime.

Loving those choosing a negative life

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters in one of your affirmations you say, “Love all souls, even those whose choice of lessons does not appeal to me.” Can you please give us some advice in how we can become better? How can we forgive all souls that are continuing to hurt others, including those that are also cruel to our animals? I know we have the choice to live in positive environment, but I am truly struggling to love these souls and accept their choices to a point that I am getting depressed. ~Rachel, Canada

ANSWER: All things that occur on the planet are for souls to experience lessons they have chosen. All souls are essentially the same, having originated from the same Source and having only positive energy when anywhere but in the duality of Earth. Once they start doing things on their own, they accumulate memories that differ from those of their soul mates.

The purpose of souls’ incarnating as humans is to use their freedom of choice to learn who they are as unconditionally loving souls, as opposed to remaining mired in an existence of negative and positive opposites. Earth’s duality is the arena of ego judgment where personal status is determined by judging, grading, and rating everything that everyone does.

Within the spiritual path, the soul removes itself from the need to judge and turns to evaluating what can be learned from their observations. You ask: Is this the type of lesson I wish to experience to add to my repertoire, or do I definitely know it is not for me? On the spiritual journey, judgment turns into evaluation without censoring the action.

As a human you exist in a judgmental world. You are expected to have opinions about what is going on around you. Using societal norms of right and wrong, you incorporate into your belief systems the rules that guide your daily life, the consensus of what is a good person and what is a bad person. And according to human judgment, you comply.

But the person you judge as bad or evil by the standards of the world is still an unconditionally loving soul, inside, who is experiencing the negativity that can only be found on Earth and that they chose to experience. You do not have to separate the human body from the soul.

Let your human body, if it cannot transition completely into a spiritual awareness, share opinions with the rest of the world. But let your spiritually awakened soul identify with the soul inside that person – and love the soul that had the desire to learn a difficult lesson.

Don’t let yourself become depressed, because that is saying you can’t exist with multiple ideas about others. It is perfectly all right to have both a human view and a spiritual opinion.

Living with your choices

Tuesday, December 11th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, my current life is one I can’t stand going on and continuing with because of social anxiety. I can’t get a new job with ease, I can’t stop constantly worrying about what comes next or if my brother is going to kill himself with the constant drug taking. Is there any easier way to cope to make life easier to live or am I here to learn how to deal with anxiety and patience? ~Roger, United States

ANSWER: As you have pointed out, one of the lessons you chose is learning to deal with anxiety. When the source of that anxiety is other people, or society in general, it comes from your view of yourself and your desire to please and have everyone love you. A major component in your life is your need to be in control. It may seem as if you have no control, but your desire to always know what is coming next and what other people are doing is an aspect of needing control.

Learning patience will help with your difficulties, but lightening up on yourself will assist even more. You are not responsible for what other people, your brother included, have chosen for their life’s journey. You cannot influence the actions of others because they all have freedom of choice to make their own decisions. Worrying means you have established specific expectations over an outcome. That is wanting to control those activities, and you simply cannot.

You have absolutely no love for yourself and the difficult journey you have chosen. Step back and examine what you have placed in front of you. Congratulate yourself for your courage of choice. Accept that what is here exists because you chose it. What a soul chooses is what they know they can handle.

Take each day at a time. Don’t look at the entire world at once. Just deal with what presents right in front of you. Take apart the situation and work with each little part at a time. When it comes to work, what do you feel comfortable doing? Develop confidence in the areas that appeal to you, and then reach out to the universe to let you see where you fit.