Uncomfortable house

QUESTION: Masters I have lived in this house for many years. There has always been a sense of not belonging here for me, and a lot of negative energy. My partner does not feel this and is so attached to this house, he cannot even think of leaving although he knows I am unhappy here. Can you please tell me where the negativity in this house arises from? And why is staying here more important to my partner than my happiness? Shall I stay, or shall I go and live somewhere else where I will be alone? ~Anita, Greece

ANSWER: Your house does harbor a ton of negative energy, which arises from past residents both within the house and on the land. You are extremely sensitive to negativity, since you are upon your spiritual journey and moving away from ego judgment into unconditional love, so it feels horrible to you. Your partner feels comfortable with negativity since he engages in so much during his workday.

Negativity can give a person a sense of belonging from which they derive power. Your partner craves a sense of belonging and control. You do not tolerate being controlled, nor do you take kindly to his divisive attempts at engaging you in his games.

He does love you and respect the way you live your life, so he quietly gets his own satisfaction out of choosing the negativity in the house over his love for you. It provides a comfort for him that goes beyond the physical contact that you provide, going into his very soul.

As with everything else, each of you has freedom of choice. You must decide whether to continue to give in to his demand to stay, or to honor yourself and your needs and remove yourself from the situation. In the spiritual realm nothing is right or wrong; it is just a lesson to see how you choose to handle it.

While there is love in your relationship, it is not a sharing match. You compromise but get nothing in return. He is dependent upon your being there and taking care of him but is selfish in dealing with your wishes. If you move, you do not have to be alone – there are many other people in the world seeking a caring, sharing partner.