The third eye

QUESTION: Masters I have just developed an interest in spirituality and divination. When I went to a shop that sold incense and crystals etcetera, the shopkeeper started to tell me about the third eye and how it has three curtains, and even about people who could see gory images and decided to close that curtain. Masters, could you please tell me more about the third eye and the 3 curtains? ~Ang, Singapore

ANSWER: There are a lot of definitions and concepts concerning the “third eye.” It has many Eastern religious connotations, e.g., the Indian ajna (or aina) or the major energy center brow chakra, and Taoism where it is seen to facilitate the correct vibration for advanced meditation. In some Western philosophies it refers to an awakening or enlightenment into the nature of the soul and its journey.

There are some scientists who equate it with the pineal gland, about which relatively little is known. In psychic circles it represents the base of communications between the physical and nonphysical worlds. It is frequently called the “mind’s eye,” “inner eye,” or “psychic eye” associated with clairvoyance, precognition, out-of-body travel, and intuition.

It is invisible in the physical plane, being energetic and part of the many layers of the soul that surround the human body. During a soul’s journey into humanhood, the person may deal only with the visible body aspects, or they may venture into the energetic essence of the inner soul. It is during such trips that the person may engage that area of their existence which you have called the third eye.

Since each soul creates the physical reality they wish to use in their learning experiences, they use beliefs that accomplish that feat. What you have been told about three curtains is a belief system employed by the speaker to explain the manifestations observed during their journey. It will occur to you only if you accept that concept as a belief with which you identify and resonate.

As with all beliefs that control your thought process and activity, you should accept this one as being useful to your life only if it feels right to you. Try it out; if it does not continue to feel good, reject it and move on to something that does resonate with you. But if someone else’s belief works for you, then go for it. Just know it is part of the reality that they have created.