Been there, done that, what’s next?

QUESTION: Masters I don’t know what has happened to me. I used to be a happy, optimistic person, with a huge life energy. Now, most of the time, I am a desperate, depressed and tired young woman. I feel I have already experienced everything possible in life, and that I have been so blessed to experience a pure heavenly happiness that now is my turn to suffer. Most times I feel I would like to end my life, because it makes no sense to me and I don’t want to grow old. It is so exhausting that one day I see some hope in the life while other days I would just like to give up and go back Home. ~Reetta, Finland

ANSWER: Every soul creates its own reality. Your creation, until recently, was a happy, optimistic, beautiful life. Then you decided that it was too difficult to push aside the negativity that rules society and allowed yourself to become depressed and desperate for someone or something to come rescue you while you adopted the “there is nothing here for me” attitude.

You came to Earth with a whole list of things you wanted to do, and you haven’t even completed half your choices. How can you say that you have experienced everything that is possible in life? Have you visited everywhere that interests you? Have you watched a sunset from the middle of the ocean? Have you spent time with each of the species of animals who inhabit the planet? Have you held someone’s hand while they transitioned? Have you found a passion that makes each day magnificent and draws you through life?

What has happened is that things were so easy for so long, and now that you have to put a little effort into achieving something new, you have decided you want to quit. It is your choice what comes next because each soul has complete freedom of choice. You never envisioned yourself as a quitter, but of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t become one.

You have stopped loving yourself. as well. All the time that went as you desired allowed you to love and accept and move forward with your life. Now that energy has shifted, and it appears to be too much trouble; you hate yourself where previously you loved all that you had chosen for this life.

There is no “turn to suffer” – or, for that matter, to be rewarded. The same situation looks different to someone not involved in it, and each person decides their point of view. Is rain something to complain about, or something to rejoice in? Time to evaluate your perspective.