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Self-fulfilling prophesies

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters since I was a child, I used to think and feel that my mother doesn’t love me or even like me. The most negative side of this is that we spent the whole life fighting each other. Another bad thing of this is that I introjected a negative feeling that I am not worthy and I don’t deserve love, caring and loyalty from anyone, attracting much suffering into my life. Today, I do feel my mother hates me and I really gave up of our relationship. What actually is happening in a spiritual level? ~Clara, Brazil

ANSWER: You are describing the major life lessons you chose to experience in this lifetime. You are examining all aspects of love and hate between two humans. You made it more difficult for yourself since you also decided to deal with a sense of self-loathing and lack of self-worth and confidence.

In order to work through the love/hate issues, you need to first resolve your personality traits. You are accepting the thinking of others when they have said to you that you are worthless and will never amount to anything. You are a piece of Source energy and cannot move beyond where you are right now unless, and until, you truly accept your own powers and abilities as a piece of Source.

The essence of your soul is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-magnificent, and all-creative. Nowhere in your inner being is there a lack of anything. You deserve everything that will allow you to experience the chosen lessons of your life – if you allow yourself to accept that as a fact.

Whenever you start to think that you are not worthy, stop and ask yourself why you think that. Your unconscious will bring to light the origin of such thoughts. You will then be able to face them and see that they do not apply to the person you are today. If you believe they apply to you, then you create a world where you cannot escape them.

Once you have gotten to the point of knowing you can deal with anything that comes your way, you will then be able to understand the positive/negative energy that creates the love/hate dichotomy. Souls possess the freedom of choice to determine how they deal with their lessons. Humans experience things in society and deal with them using ego judgment.

The spiritual approach is to step away from the negative energy needed to judge actions and just observe through the use of a positive energy love filter. You will be able to see that your hatred of your mother is merely in response to her actions toward you. You may either mirror her actions or choose to love the fact that she is a soul who has chosen negative lessons and honor her right to do so even while disliking her choice.

Spirits in nature

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters I was wondering if you could explain to us if the Spirits of Nature are able to incarnate as humans? Who are they? I also would like to know about the two beings that contacted me while ago… were they real? Or was it my imagination? I live in a beautiful place with lots of trees a bit far from the city and a few times I had the feeling I was being watched while I was gardening. Please tell us more about these beings. ~Rachel, Canada

ANSWER: Energy strings or spirits are pieces of unconditional love that animate the things that exist or live in your universe and don’t possess souls – such as plants, rivers, most animals, etc. Since these entities do not contain a soul, they are unable to become human.

You have a number of guides around you who have attempted on several occasions to make contact so that they might be of assistance to you. Reach out to these helpful souls when you are meditating or just before sleep or when arising from sleep.

What you are aware of in your surrounding area is a combination of your own guides, the energy sprits that regulate the growth of nature, and nonphysical souls who wonder around observing what is occurring on Earth. These are more active, or at least appear to be, in the area where you live because there is nothing interfering with their passage through the location.

Like all things that are not totally physical and are therefore unable to be observed by the average human, nonphysical entities are invisible unless you accept their presence. It is a simple fact that if you don’t believe in something, you will never be able to see it even when it is right in front of you.

If you wish to communicate and learn from these various energies, accept the possibility of their existence, open to establishing contact, and then begin a dialogue.

Facilitating dependence

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters my sister married a disturbed man and had 3 children. He abused her physically and she left him years ago. She raised her 3 children by herself with help from our parents. She has a downs syndrome daughter who she is now raising on her own with a live-in boyfriend. My father passed and mother bought her a mobile home so that she knows her daughter has a place to live. The problem is that my sister who is now in her mid-50’s still cannot get her life together. She does not work, nor does the live-in boyfriend they both live on the social security of her Down Syndrome daughter. The mobile home park says my sister is behind in the rent of the space. We continually give her money to get her out of binds. Do we stop giving her money and just let her go on the way she is and what happens happen? ~Deborah, United States

ANSWER: Your sister is living the life of the privileged. All those who have for years bailed her out of any difficulties and allowed her to depend on them for everything have facilitated her in becoming the person she is today. She doesn’t see that she needs to be responsible for anything because it will just “appear” when she needs it.

She and her lazy boyfriend will never do anything unless they are forced into it. She has even told the park personnel that her family will take care of the rent so that they will not bother her. If all the Social Security money were used for necessities, your sister would be able to get by – but she and the boyfriend are using it for their pleasure.

Nothing is right or wrong in the way you treat this situation, but your sister will not change unless she is forced to assume responsibility for herself. The only victim here is her daughter. It may be necessary to get the court system involved to protect your niece. If she is placed in a group home, your sister will no longer be able to depend on her Social Security and will become aware that it is time to find a way to support herself.

Without the money coming in, the boyfriend will leave. This may seem drastic to you, since you have always been there, but that is what has allowed this pattern to perpetuate. Your whole family must agree to force your sister into self-reliance.  The choice is yours.