Can a soul stay too long on Earth?

QUESTION: Masters is it possible one can stay too long on the earth realm, living past their soul contract? ~Sue, USA

ANSWER: The simple answer is no. In addition, not all souls have contracts when they incarnate. Many just decide what lessons they wish to study and set up environments that will allow them to have those experiences. A soul is always exactly where it needs to be to have the learning it desires.

Even if a soul has made contracts with other souls, they are not permanently unequivocal. One party or the other can choose to change the conditions and go in another direction. There are no predetermined absolutes in a human lifetime. And a soul may end their Earthly experience at any time they wish, whether or not they have learned all they set out to accomplish.

These factors are true because every soul has complete freedom of choice to decide each phase of their human incarnation. That said, if you had made a contract with someone, they could determine that they no longer wish to fulfill their promise. It doesn’t happen too frequently, but you can never make a soul do anything it does not choose to do.

A soul bothers with contracts only when they are determined to have a particular experience. They normally will only make one with another soul with whom they have had prior lifetimes so they are pretty sure the circumstances will be completed.

Unless a soul has decided they want a short life, or has agreed to leave at a special time or under certain circumstances, the exact time the soul returns Home is not determined before the life begins. The soul makes that decision when they sense it is no longer beneficial for them to remain or they wish to leave an unproductive existence and begin another.