Uncomfortable and afraid to live

QUESTION: Masters I’ve always been very shy since childhood, now I am a woman of 27 years, I have fear of people, fear of leaving home, I feel tense around people and in any environment outside the home, cannot make friends, and I am afraid to speak with people. This is hurting me a lot, I realized I never had interest to live, I feel lost. What should I do? And I’m in a marriage, since the beginning of dating always fight, we are very different, have the future with my husband ~Samira, Brasil

ANSWER: You will be stuck in this loveless, controlling marriage until you give yourself permission to leave. You have no self-confidence, self-worth, or self-love. You have always been everybody’s punching bag to let off frustration and steam. You are hiding from the world because you have never had a connection with a loving individual. From childhood, you always did what others told (ordered) you to do and never made any decisions for yourself.

To change your future, you must find out who you are and what you want. At a basic level, you are a soul who is having a human experience. You chose to come with all the “lacks” mentioned above and no memory of your innate powers and abilities. In order to move out into the world, you must overcome the fear.

Your fears arise from believing everything everyone has told you in the past: you are worthless, you are unable to do anything, no one likes you, and you will never amount to anything. If you truly believe these things define you, then you are lost. If you decide that even one of those things is not who you are, you can start on the path of changing your life.

As a soul, you have all the powers of Source from whom you originated. Source is all-powerful, all-magnificent, and all–creative. If you can feel your soul inside, the unconditional love of Source, you can use these powers yourself. Have faith that it is so. Make your first decision to change an aspect in your life, change it, and never look back.