Spirit contact demands attention

QUESTION: Masters: There is a feminine being called Kali or Kali Ma. She appears to occupy dimension(s) close to earth. She is honored as a Hindu goddess. Please tell me about her. I can’t seem to get rid of her. At this point, it’s like having a crazy houseguest who won’t leave. She alternately pretends to be: my guide, a genie, my mother, a ferocious giant devil, a trickster, a child. Is she a soul who is, has been or can be a human? Why does she relentlessly pursue me? How do I get rid of her? When I reflect, I realize she’s been hanging around me, my entire life. Why? ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: You are being plagued by a discarnate, a soul who left its physical body but chose not to go into the unconditional love of the universe. She pursues you since childhood because at one time, when you were lonely, you expressed the desire to have someone to talk to and play with, which she took as an invitation to attach herself to you.

She/it is not your guide, a genie, your mother, a giant devil, or a child. It is a trickster who has spent enough time with you to understand all of your wants, dreams, and desires. It aspires to have the energy of Kali Ma, the Hindu goddess who was a fierce warrior and champion of many of the other gods. It desires power above all things. Kali means darkness, and this discarnate is definitely of negative energy and not positive light.

What it wants above all else is for you to grant it entry into your physical body so that it might control a human body again and interact with others. If this is ever allowed to happen, you will find it taking over your thought process, causing you to do things you never would have considered.

You can start the process of sending her away by being very clear that you want nothing further to do with her. Tell her to cease and desist any contact with you and to depart from your energy. Suggest she would be happier if she entered into the light where her family and friends are awaiting her. She probably does not want to do that without the opportunity of having a second human experience.

Burn sage and incense because they cause irritation to wandering spirits. You must tell her to leave, at least three times in a row, to indicate that you are serious in wanting her to move on. Specify that you are revoking any invitation she may think you have issued, clearly stating that nothing was intended to allow her entry.