The journey of the soul

QUESTION: Masters I have read in “Testimony of Light” by Helen Greaves about repeated lives and have also read about the concept of the eternal return. Does this ever actually happen? Could a soul repeat a life if it was thought maybe the lessons might be better learned the second time around? This might explain deja vu experiences?? ~Caroline, Ireland

ANSWER: Souls have the freedom to choose that which they will engage in once they enter a human body. These decisions are made before and during their human experiment. When not contained in a body, they are merely energy existing in the unconditional love of the universe where they may, as they decide, maintain contact with those souls still having their human journey.

Helen Greaves’s continuing conversation with her good friend, known in that life as Sister Mary Frances, is a very common occurrence among those who are open to the fact that life never ends but just changes configurations. The soul never ceases to exist; it just goes from one role to another, like an actor. We call this process “reincarnation” – to incarnate again, or return to a body.

Souls’ purpose for entering into the duality of negative and positive energies on Earth, the only place they exist, is to learn from the chosen lessons in which they have an interest. Such lessons, which have to be detected within the negativity of humankind, require the soul to see, understand, and integrate the positive aspect of the subject into their being. Many times they do not accomplish this with the first attempt.

The standard practice for completing an unlearned lesson is to approach it from a slightly different perspective to see if the soul can understand it under those circumstances. Rarely, if ever, will a soul choose to duplicate a situation in which they failed to see the lesson hidden in the negativity. A soul will bring another set of variables – parents, location, and additional lessons – to see if that sparks understanding.

Each soul creates its own reality by what it desires and accepts as true for each life.  Changing any part of their beliefs affects the other souls living in their reality, so things never play out exactly the same a second time around.

Déjà vu occurs from the energy one remembers from a prior time. It is stronger with a physical location, because that remains the same, than it is with another person or soul.