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Conflicting feelings

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I’m living a spiritual awakening and find myself sometimes with a lot of light and other times, especially with my husband and my mother, I feel a lot of anger at them. This is a very intense feeling that I do not know why it happens. I’m afraid to end up separating from my husband because we have a baby of 8 months. I am also trying to put together a holistic space to help others, which is my work here on Earth. I would like some words of guidance! ~Laila, Brasil

ANSWER: As you progress along your spiritual path, you go from an arena of mostly negative energy into choosing to turn all negative instances into positive, loving ones. This is not done with everything in your life all at once. You must approach each pocket of negativity and decide what to do with it. If you leave it alone, it maintains an influence on you whenever you are near it.

The anger you sense for your husband and mother has to do with the way they treated you in the past, before you woke up and chose to move away from their type of energy. When they were bombarding you with negativity and mentally and emotionally abusing you, before you realized this could happen only if you allowed it, you built up this inner anger over their actions. Now it is being released because you no longer fear them or think that you have to put up with their nastiness.

You have total freedom of choice to decide what comes next in your life. You can dedicate yourself to your work and surround your physical body with unconditional love so that you are no longer affected by your family’s negativity. Your child will feel the negativity until they recognize that it is not directed at them. You must decide if it is possible for the two of you to find a way to thrive in this environment or if it is best that you move on.

Your work will put you mostly in positive energy. Use that as a base for living your life. Negativity cannot exist in the presence of unconditional love. With your intention, send love to those who are negative to assist them in finding their way out of that energy into positive loving energy. Don’t try to “think” your way out of any situation; always ask yourself how you “feel” about what is happening.

You draw experiences to you

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I’ve struggled with my health for a few years now. What exactly is my condition? Is this a lesson I chose for myself or is it a product of anything? I get very low and miserable and really struggle with my mood at times. Is there a cause and will it go away? I’m also struggling very much with my relationship. Is there a reason my partner is the way he is? He’s very egotistical and can lack a degree of empathy. I feel like everything has to be his way and that I need to fight for what I want on a regular basis. I struggle very much with his personality and wonder if this relationship is healthy for me. Have we ever had a previous life together and if so in what capacity. ~Joanne, UK

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: You are dealing with a series of life lessons. This all starts with your low self-esteem and sense of worthlessness. You attracted your husband because, in the beginning, you agreed with everything he wanted since you thought it would make him love you. You desperately need to be needed.

The current health difficulties are your body’s response to your hesitation in life. Your first reaction to adversity is to freeze and hide. This causes the energy within your body to stop and create blockages for protection. To restore the balance in your body, you need to feel more comfortable with yourself. Accept that you are a soul having a physical experience and have the ability to call upon all the powers and abilities of the universe.

You cannot change your husband unless he chooses to change, because he too is a soul with total freedom of choice. You have identified several of his issues, which was possible because you allowed yourself to analyze what was causing difficulty in your life. Congratulations – this is part of your spiritual growth.

It is time to continue your analysis. How do you feel when conflict arises with your husband? How does your body react to the tension? Is there something you can do to make yourself more comfortable? You have the ability to create your own future with your freedom of choice.

Meditate on what you feel is the best situation for you. Then do it.

The soul is having a physical experience

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I’m in a very happy and perfect marriage, and share a spiritual bond with my husband. But why do I keep on getting attracted to people who cannot be a part of my life? I have spent years pining for people I have loved at some point in my life. Right now I’m totally smitten by someone – will culminate into something? While this is happening I’m also perfectly aware of my spiritual mission. Why does lust play such a major role in my life while another part of my being is deeply spiritual? ~Anuraj, India

ANSWER: You have convinced yourself that a spiritual person is “pure” in thought and deed; that is not necessarily true. A soul who is having a human experience is subjected to all of the possible sensations only a human can have. You have decided that if you are spiritual you will have romantic feelings only for one person, particularly if you are married. Well, you are not dead to the other energies around you.

The spiritual journey you are experiencing includes all the various yearnings you sense. There are no rules and no rights or wrongs in living a human life. Society tries to instruct you in the ideas it thinks will maintain the order and control it wishes to exert. That does not mean you have to follow any of its suggestions unless you have adopted its rules to be a part of your personal belief system of behavior.

You are a romantic and a dreamer. Just as some people read books or watch movies to fulfill their need for sensations, you rely on past acquaintances and sometimes just people you think would provide you with an adventure. Your current “smitten” choice is an infatuation you sense could contribute to your level of experience.

Lust is not a problem here since you are not going out and jumping into physical unions with every member of the opposite sex who comes your way. It is easy to convince yourself that what you do not possess will be fantastic, because you are not dealing with the other’s issues and you have romanticized what could possibly occur if you got together.

Start living in the present. Acknowledge what is in fact a part of your world. Discuss with your husband that you need more excitement in your life.