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It matters what you think

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, Creation? I ask if it’s possible our rules on creation come from seeded acceptance into global consciousness to become a truth? For example most people accept that to create a child, it can only happen certain times of the month. Yet I have heard people tell me they either got pregnant on their monthly cycle OR they conceived and continued their monthly. This of course contradicts what is accepted mainstream? Yet all things are possible correct? There is no absolute one truth, I know a person that conceived with their tubes tied as well desiring a child! So intention is powerful, yet also best not to limit ourselves to global truths because you can open doorways to unlimited potentials especially with the manifestation energy available on earth now?? ~Jen, Canada

ANSWER: We think you are more concerned about human conception rather than creation. Creation is the initiation of a soul by Source from its own energy. Conception is the merger of cells from two humans to form a third.

A soul having a human experience accepts various beliefs (his personal belief system), which he then allows to do his thinking for him. This is how global consciousness, as you have called it, can be used to create one’s belief system. On a simpler basis, what you are taught by parents, teachers, religious, and what is read in scientific or societal journals generally forms what a person accepts as being reality. At this point in forming your beliefs, these are all just thought forms and nothing that has been learned through experience.

All of these materials are merely the opinions of the speaker or writer. There are no absolutes on Earth because every soul has the powers of manifestation and freedom of choice to live the way they desire. What is experienced by some, and therefore accepted as their truth, may not apply to anyone but themselves.

Souls are extremely powerful if they accept that they are and choose to use their power. They use their potential through intention. Some would call this “mind over matter” or creating their own reality.

We agree that you should never limit yourself to global “truths” because that is allowing others to decide what you feel is right for you and yours. Belief systems can be changed from what you have been told and accepted at a prior time to what you have experienced by having faith in what you feel instead of what you think. Create your world as you want instead of according to someone else’s impressions.

Everything is for a reason

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I am in my 50s and would like some understanding of my life lessons. I suffered abuse as a child and had a lonely childhood. I had difficulties establishing and maintaining intimacy and trust in my relationships. My partner suffered a brain injury and twice was very close to death. Throughout the marriage I felt that my partner was not able to give love and understanding and he had anger issues, and the marriage ended. Both my children and I developed major depression and we had stays in psychiatric hospitals. I am still on medication for my anxiety and depression. I was then diagnosed with heart failure, for which there is no cure. Then one of my children ended her own life. She suffered deep rejection by her father. What is the point of all this suffering? ~Luci, Australia

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing. And download The Masters’ Reincarnation Handbook: Journey of the Soul to understand more about living a human life.]

ANSWER: You are a very old soul who has come to Earth many times and now came to experience advanced lessons combining a lot of minor things you learned before. This is true also of your children. Each of you had different things planned for this life by way of mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges.

Some of your lessons were so intense that the energy of one of you had an impact on the others; that is why so many things repeated, such as the hospitalizations. Your major task was the discovery and understanding of love and all its aspects. This life has been a search for love and the unconditional love that is inside you, creating your essence. You have not gained a connection with this aspect of self-love, nor an acceptance of the reason you came to be a human.

When one does not have a connection to their soul, they strike out with anger or retreat into depression. Depression is merely not having any idea (or impression) of who you are. You lack a sense of your purpose and direction.

Giving up or running away through suicide, being rejected by someone you desperately want to love you, bringing diseases and illness into your life to create a dependency on others are all prime life lessons. All this human “suffering” is to gather more wisdom about finding, dealing with, and gaining knowledge of the powers and abilities you have as a soul when you will allow yourself to accept those possibilities.

Interpretation is everything

Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters no matter where I work, I always have the same pattern; I start from important tasks and then I’m lowered to leftover tasks. I think I’m doing good work and doing my best with everything, yet this always happens. Is my role just to be a helper instead of a creative worker? Am I doing something wrong? I hate the idea I’d be left to do just leftover tasks without chances to advance in my career and learn new, my career going backwards. I’m devastated when I think that. It feels I didn’t come here to do that. ~Maarit, Finland

ANSWER: You need to step back and actually “see” what is occurring. You are an extremely conscientious worker and very insightful as to what needs to be done. Many have the ability to do difficult or important work from start to finish because they are following established protocols. Few have the ability to look at a partially completed task that someone has failed to successfully finish, pick it up where the other left off, and see what needs to be done to complete it expeditiously. You have this unusual talent and it is valued by your employers.

You are not being “lowered to leftovers” but, rather, put in a position to rescue projects that would be unfinished but for your intervention. In numerous instances you were able to complete the task only because you saw innovative methods for getting past the spot that stopped others in their tracks.

You are not doing anything wrong but everything right. All you need is to see what is really going on and to embrace this unique situation. In each instance you have convinced yourself that you received a “demotion” in job status. This is not the case. Start to examine these leftovers and create, and then document, a way that others may see what you see to stop being stuck and to be able to finish them.

Stop imagining that you are incapable of the fantastic work you are doing. Let yourself examine the true situation here and rejoice in the future possibilities for expanding everyone’s success rate.