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What are vivid dreams?

Monday, May 9th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I have a question about vivid dreams. I have had a few of them and I wonder if they are from past lives? At around age 4 I dreamt I was put into a sand pit and large animals were approaching. In my teens I dreamt of a mountain range. I think its South America. I was there at the top and it was so vast. Another I believe it was Spain and my grandmother was being dragged out of a tomb. I was wearing Spanish colonial clothing. I have had others as well. These dreams are so vivid in color and I wake up with my heart beating out of my chest from fear. Are these glimpses into past lives? I always remember them. ~Regina,  USA

ANSWER: Vivid dreaming such as you have experienced has several points of origin. Some of the incidents that you remember are from popping back into the energy of lives you have had before – past lives. Other equally dynamic occurrences have come from scenarios you have read about or things you have seen in movies and on television.

Anything that generates an emotional impact, whether from participation or observation, burns itself into your memory. You throw yourself into your interests, particularly those with which you identify, and they then become a part of who you are. You have the ability to visit any of these things at any time you wish.

Go into a meditative, mindless state (allowing all thinking to drop away) and envision yourself stepping out into an adventure. You will be totally involved in whatever your unconscious believes you would like to experience. It will be “real” and vivid to your conscious mind.

Now do the same thing again, but before you begin, look at a picture or documentary about some place you have never physically been in this lifetime. When you drop away from your thinking mind, you will find yourself transported to the place where your last interest was fixed. This is not to say you have never spent time there in another life, because there will have been some reason that you chose the scene you did. Just have fun and don’t try to analyze your trips.